At-Large Leadership Working Session Part 1 – 09:00 10:30 AM

  • Yesim Nazlarto create a wiki for tracking the new gTLDS issues discussed in new gTLD discussion in Hyderabad.
  • Terri Agnew to coordinate monthly teleconferences with Olivier who is assist the new Chair of the At-Large gTLD WG .

At-Large Review Working Party (12:15-13:45) 

At-Large Leadership Working Session Part 2

  • Alan Greenberg to add to the ALS Analysis paper: the goal of having one ALS per country.
  • Dev Anand Teelucksingh / Ariel Liang / TTF to discuss with the Product Management team about adding the UX/UI designer resources to make the website more mobile friendly.
  • Alan Greenberg to change the motion about the CCWG Auction Proceeds Charter: The ALAC intends to name a Co-Chair of the CCWG Auction Proceeds.

At-Large Leadership Working Session Part 3 - 13:45-15:00

At-Large Leadership Working Session Part 4 

  • Ariel Liang and Nathalie Peregrine to look into the ISOC volunteer management system and auto live update system for keeping the At-Large membership information up to date.  
  • Dev Anand Teelucksingh to work with relevant ICANN Staff departments (e.g. GSE) to further develop the stakeholder analysis tool.
  • ALT to identify & recommend candidates for the Chair position of the New gTLDs Working Group; Olivier Crepin-Leblond to lend his expertise to the new Chair.

At-Large Leadership Working Session Part 6

  • Sebastien Bachollet to draft position paper/proposal requesting the ICANN Board to consider initiating a periodic review of the MSM to evaluate the overall composition and balance of stakeholder representation in relations to their decision-making requirements in ICANN. Once ready, the ALAC will review the draft position paper/proposal. This AI is related to ATLAS II Rec 7 & 13. 

At-Large Leadership Working Session Part 8

ALAC and ccNSO meeting  17:00- 18:30

  • Heidi Ullrich to socialize the At-Large Stakeholder Analysis Tool among  ICANN staff 

Cross Community Committee on Accessibility - Nov 6

  • Glenn McKnight to prepare a survey on accessibility to be presented in the ICANN58 Copenhagen  
  • Gisella Gruber to schedule a F2F meeting in ICANN58 Copenhagen and check with Cheryl on duration (90-120 min) 
  • Ariel Liang to work with the Web team and build the function of clickable images for the featured events (homepage)
  • Cheryl Langdon-Orr and the Accessibility Working Group to develop a "best practice" guide on how to participate in a meeting on Adobe Connect. Continue discussion and refer to ICANN Learn course on how to use AC and how to participate in Teleconferences.
  • In the next Cross-Community Committee on Accessibility meeting,Josh Baulch is report back on the 1) implementation of floor audio and 2) using interpretation headset in rooms when there is no interpretation, as well as additional equipment to be purchased to make it happen. 

APRALO Monthly Meeting - 11:00-12:15

  • The Motion to confirm Satish Babu as APRALO Chair was passed. Satish was elected Chair and will continue with Siranush term.
  • Ali AlMeshal and the APRALO Leadership Team to discuss the process to consider the mentees of the APRALO Mentorship Program when appointing the next APRALO Chair. 
  • A Small AD-Hoc WG led by Maureen, CLO, Bikram, and others to come up with specific text on Individual membership. WG will meet in Hyderabad and will send text to staff to update the website and wiki page. 
  • Maureen Hilyard to send the APRALO Survey to staff to be posted on the wiki and online.

At-Large Regional Leadership Meeting. 17:00 – 18:15

  • Silvia Vivanco to set up a call with RALO Secretariats, RALO representatives to the DDPP and consultant Dan O'Niel to start the project.
  • Heidi Ullrich to circulate the draft form for RALO request for funding to support an Outreach activity in the RALO mailing list.

AFRALO – AFRICANN - November 8

  • Silvia Vivanco to allocate more time for Göran Marby at future AFRALO/AFRICANN meetings.
  • Aziz Hilali to follow up with AFRINIC regarding sponsorship for the AFRALO General Assembly in June 2017.

Public Interest Working group -  November  8

  •  Wolf Ludwig  to work with members to consider looking at the Public interest from a broader perspective and not limit the definition. 
  •  Gisella Gruber in coordination with the Chair to send a doodle out for a WG call in December before the Holiday break.

Technology Taskforce Meeting - Nov 9

At-Large Leadership Working Session Wrap Up  Part 3

  •       Gisella Gruber to coordinate a meeting or dinner in Denmark with At-Large and Göran Marby.
  •       Heidi Ullrich to coordinate a meeting with the ALAC and the New VP for Compliance and Consumer Safeguards, when appointed, to talk to the ALAC.
  •       Heidi Ullrich to organize a Webinar with relevant IT Staff on ICANN Strategy.

At-Large Leadership Team

  • Alan Greenberg to raise issue with ALAC regarding ATRT Recommendation on supporting non-industry participants.
  • Holly Raiche to work on coordinating ICANN Informative sessions with Next Gen and Fellows (Siranush) over next few months, report back to ALT and ask for help as necessary. Maureen volunteered.
  • Alan Greenberg and Heidi Ullrich to find current document describing ALAC requirements to the NomCom and pass by ALAC to see if any modifications need to be brought to this.
  • Alan Greenberg and/or ALT to set up a meeting in Copenhagen with our 5 NomCom representatives/appointees to meet either with the ALT or ALAC. Alan and/or ALT will notify staff whether ALT or ALAC.
  • Alan Greenberg and ALT to continue discussion on details on how we meet with NomCom Leadership and ALAC Appointees. Small group to be formed to Olivier Crepin-Leblond and possibly ALAC Chair.


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