Saturday, 20 June 2015

RALO Chairs Meeting

  • 1. Silvia Vivanco  to create a wiki page to collect RALO IG activities
  • 2. Silvia Vivanco to work with RALO leaders on the identification of IG events in their regions to post to the Cross-RALO IG Events page
  • 3. Silvia Vivanco  to work with relevant ICANN staff and RALO leaders to identify events for potential collaboration

4. . ALT Meeting with Rinalia Abdul Rahim, Board Member Selected by At-Large - 12:00-13:00

5. Regarding the  wording of Recommendation 34 – Alan Greenberg, Heidi Ullrich and Olivier Crepin-Leblond to adjust wording to "increase communications …"


RALO Chairs and ALT meeting

          14:00- 15:00

  •  Alan Greenberg to consider organizing webinars prior to submission of policy comments.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Note: Consensus call was held and passed with no objection


  • Silvia Vivanco to create a workspace comparing RALO bylaws on ALS criteria. Alan's Paper will be posted and all RALOs will be requested to comment it.





  •  RALO Chairs and ALT will discuss the objective, materials required and implementation details. 



  • ALT will take the lead on the implementation of this project.


  • At-Large FY16 Special Budget Request for a Pilot program for real time captioning of Adobe Connect Workspace.  


  • Staff in coordination with Judith Hellerstein to organize the Task force to implement the At-Large FY16 Special Budget Request for a Pilot program for real time captioning of Adobe Connect Workspace. APRALO members, Gunela, Rafid Fatani and Siranush supported the project. Beran also expressed support.



  • At-Large FY16 Special Request for a LACRALO Outreach and Engagement Activities at the 8th TELECON Regional Forum  





  •  Gisella Gruber to set up a call to discuss the New Meeting Strategy WG in July


Monday, 22 June 2015

NARALO Monthly Meeting

  •  Eduardo Diaz  will continue talking about the NARALO Newsletter and will find some volunteers. Timing : July-August
  • Garth Bruen will cross reference the CWG work with the ATLAS II recommendations.

At-Large Technology Taskforce Meeting



  • ALT and anyone who chooses to create a draft within 24 hours for consideration by the ALAC.

Tuesday, 23 June

 EURALO Monthly meeting-Tuesday, 23 June 2015

  • Gisella Gruber  to schedule a EURALO call in July to plan the Dublin GA.
  • EURALO leadership will collect names for an Organizing Committee for the Dublin GA.


ALAC Meeting with GAC

  • Gisella Gruber to check CWG and CCWG membership and mailing list and give provide an overview on participation (distinguished by Region ALAC in coordination with At- Large staff to follow up with GAC staff on At Large membership of the CCWG.


ALAC Part 2 - ATLAS II update

  • Ariel Liang and Olivier Crepin-Leblond to update the relevant ATLAS II wiki pages.
  • Heidi Ullrich and Gisella Gruber to organize a webinar for the At-Large Community to give a status update as to what's happening to the ATLAS II recommendations.
  • The ATLAS II Implementation TF to review the ATLAS II recommendations again and whether they are still valid.


 ALAC Work - Part I

WG Updates

  • Cheryl Langdon-Orr  and Silvia Vivanco  to coordinate actions to expand the Accessibility WG to other constituencies.
  • The Capacity Building WG to discuss the coordination of capacity building webinars with the RALOs (in progress)

Operations Update

  • The ALT and FBSC to create a road map to identify timing of RALO General Assemblies and ATLAS III to begin discussion of funding.

Wednesday, 24 June

APRALO Meeting

  •  Siranush Vardanyan and APRALO leaders will discuss the issue of individual membership and the limitation of the voting process will be analyzed. Consensus to be reached by ICANN 54. 

At-Large Capacity Building Working Group

  • Glenn McKnight to demonstrate additional tools (e.g. NTEN Connect Community, ISOC CONNECT online community forum, Comics/Infographics) during the Next Capacity Building WG call. 
  • Tijani Ben Jemaa  or At-Large staff to Invite Nora Abusitta and Department of Public Responsibility staff to provide more information on capacity building tools in ICANN.
  • Future webinar speakers and At-Large Staff to provide Dev Anand Teelucksingh and Ariel Liang Ariel the powerpoint presentation of webinar slides beforehand for creating effective social media posts.


LACRALO Monthly meeting

- Document on the LACRALO procedure for drafting, issuance and publication of statements:  Gisella Gruber to send for translation, Silvia Vivanco publication in the WIKI page and Ariel Liang to organize the vote 10 days.


 At-Large Regional Leadership Meeting

  •  Dev Anand Teelucksingh and Judith Hellerstein within the TTF, to lead the review of the RALO Monthly Report draft by NARALO and  to work on a format which could be integrated into the Confluence WIKI so that the report could be edited directly in the wiki page.
  • Staff will distribute the document SURVEY Results prepared by Humberto Carrasco for discussion and this will be expanded.
  • ALSes Onboarding- Nathalie Peregrine  will open a wiki page and post  the Onboarding plan.
  • Ariel Liang to send the list of active Working groups to the RALO Secretariats list.
  • Silvia Vivanco to compile the ROPs on Individual membership for each RALO. (In progress)


AFRALO-AfrICANN Joint Meeting

  •  AFRALO  statement was approved with the edits  suggested  during  the meeting. Aziz Hilali to send the final version of the Statement to staff to be published in the AFRALO WIKI page.


ICANN Academy Working Group Meeting

  • Ariel Liang to change application form to “Registration form”
  •  Laura Bengford to work on issue indicating closed and open meetings/programs on Learning site. 
  •  Academy WG to re-focus on aims, objectives and activities of Academy. Will reconsider need for CWG at a later point.
  • Sandra Hoferichter to consider preparing a PPT template for AC/SO presentations.
  • Sandra Hoferichter and Heidi Ullrich to work with Incite Learning on structure of program to make it more global in perspective as well as to consider reducing professional facilitator to one.

Thursday 25 Wrap Up 

  a. ALS Criteria/Expectations.

  •  Staff to collect the names of WG;
  • Reinvigorate the group that  will look to ALS process. Judith volunteered


2.      Outreach/Engagement Subcommittee:  


  • Staff to verify if the membership is complete and if we have we finished collecting RALO names


3.      CROPP RT

  • Gisella Gruber to report back on poor internet connection during ICANN 54 – esp. in sleeping rooms.
  •  ALAC to discuss the format of the ALAC/Board meeting during Constituency Day



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