Recent reports

SAC108: SSAC Comments on the IANA Proposal for future root ksk rollovers, 29 January 2020.

Recent correspondence

SSAC020-06: SSAC Public comment on the initial report of the new gTLD auction proceeds cross-community working group, 14 February 2020

Things on the radar:

Prep work for ICANN virtual meeting

Studying abuse in the DNS, work on the SSAC's environmental scan: prioritizing the risks and threats

ePDP phase 2 - access to registrants data

DoH/DoT - prep for final report

KSK rollovers

Quantum cryptography (see SAC107)

SSAC public comment on ATRT3 (see SSAC2020-05 for details)

SSR2 prep input to the public comment SSR2 review team draft report

NomCom review implementation WG, (recently published SSAC2020-04)

Root server system governance, Joe Abley appointed to RSS GWG (issues SAC106)

New round of gTLDs

SSAC review

Registration data services query reporting (see about anomalies in SSAC2019-02)

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