Documents and correspondence:

[SSAC 104] SSAC Comment on Initial Report of the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data Expedited Policy Development Process (EPDP) (21 December 2018) Long read with significant overall notes and particular comments on bold topics.

[SSAC2019-01] SSAC Comment on the ICANN FY20 Budget (8 February 2019).  SSAC request to increase number of travelers for ICANN meetings from 15 to 18 for the fiscal year 2020 due to increased number of SSAC members.

[SSAC2018-29] Notice of Appointment of SSAC Liaison to the Nominating Committee of ICANN (19 December 2018)  Letter appointing Robert Guerra as its non-voting liaison to the 2019 Nominating Committee.

[SSAC2018-28] SSAC Appointments to the ICANN Root Zone Evolution Review Committee (11 December 2018)
Letter of appointment of Russ Mundy to the RZERC till 31 December 2019

[SSAC2018-27] Nomination of SSAC Representatives to ICANN's third Accountability and Transparency Review (27 November 2018)  Letter of nomination of Jaap Akkerhuis, Kimberly Claffy and Geoff Huston as representatives to 3d Accountability and Transparency Review


Proposed new SSAC Wiki

Discussion over 2FA authentication in order to protect registrants/registrars from attacks

Focus on EPDP (see SSAC 104)

Kobe meeting scheduling

Important to take a look at:

ICANN issued an announcement ( regarding reports of malicious activity targeting the DNS

Interesting tiered access request data statistics

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