August 2014 – SSAC Liaison Report

(as at 26 Aug 14)


1.            SSAC MEETINGS. Two monthly SSAC Meetings were held on 24 July and 14 August.  Unfortunately I was an apology for the July Meeting but attended the August Meeting.   The main topic of discussion was the IANA Stewardship Transition.  The annual SSAC Workshop is scheduled for 16-18 September in Washington DC.  Regrettably, I am unable to attend in person but will try to teleconference into a number of the sessions.

2.            SSAC WORK PARTIES.  Within the last few weeks, the three SSAC Work Parties in which I have been participating have concluded and no new Work Parties have yet been established.  The decision on which proposed new Work Parties are to proceed will be made during the SSAC Workshop.  I will volunteer for the Los Angeles Meeting Planning Work Party once it commences.

3.            SSAC REPORTSSAC067 Overview and History of the IANA Functions was published on 15 August 2014.  This document is designed to assist the community in working on IANA Stewardship Transition by describing the history of the IANA functions and an overview of what those functions are.

4.            CROSS COMMUNITY WORKING GROUP TO DEVELOP AN IANA STEWARDSHIP TRANSFER PROPOSAL.  I have been serving as the SSAC Representative on the Drafting Team to develop the Charter for this CWG.  In addition to the preliminary discussions held on 23 June at ICANN50 London, and two teleconferences of the Drafting Team on 14 and 21 July, there have been a further 2 teleconferences on 28 July and 11 August.  Additionally, a great deal of work on the draft charter was achieved by email exchanges throughout the whole period, with a final draft being agreed by the team on 14 August, in accordance with our panned schedule.  This draft has now been circulated to the participating SO/ACs for their review and hopefully endorsement.  The SSAC has already provided some comments on earlier versions of this draft and anticipates providing a response to the final draft on 27 August.

In addition to the Drafting Team meetings, I also joined the ALAC IANA WG Call on 8 August during which the SSAC Chair provided a briefing, and the ICG (IANA Transition Coordination Group) Conference Call on 19 August.

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