Board Meeting with the ALAC

Board Questions to the ALAC

1.- What is your view on RVCs and its enforceability in line with ICANN’s mission?

2.-What is your view regarding assessing the human rights respect when selecting meeting venues, as the criteria developed by the Meeting Strategy Working Group does not currently include human rights considerations? (clarified by the Board on 20 October 2023)

3.- Which measures would you propose in order to make ICANN a more sustainable and eco-friendly org

ALAC Questions to the Board

1) DAAR - The ALAC seeks clarification on DAAR and its evolution given the new tools that are being developed, for example from the DNS Abuse Institute. 

ALAC Questions to the GAC 


  1. Joint ALAC/GAC Statement on Contention Resolution
    • Previous Session/Topic Objective: Follow-up to ICANN77 discussion.
    • Previous ALAC Speaker(s): Alan Greenberg (tbc)
    • Previous GAC Speaker(s): Nigel Hickson
  2. New gTLD Program Next Round (formerly SubPro)
    • Previous Session/Topic objective: exchange of views and adjusting positions on the new gTLD program next round.
    • Previous GAC Speaker(s): Nigel Hickson
    • Previous ALAC Speaker(s): Justine Chew (tbc)
  3. Joint ALAC/GAC statement on enabling inclusive, informed, and meaningful participation in ICANN
    • Previous Session/Topic Objective: Follow-up to ICANN77 discussion aimed at:

1) Establishing a numbering system for documents that include the date, title, and a number 

2) Creating primers on key topics 

    • Previous ALAC Speaker(s): Alan Greenberg/Jonathan Zuck (tbc)
    • Previous GAC Speaker(s): Nigel Hickson

Discussion of Joint ALAC-GAC statement on Closed Generics (TBC)

ALAC Questions to the GNSO Leadership

1. GNSO Council Guidance Statement on ".québec", 14 Sep 2023

  • What is the GNSO Council's view on the issue(s) arising from the public comments to the IDNs EPDP Phase 1 Initial Report on ".québec"?
  • How does the GNSO Council plan to address the same?

2. New gTLD Program Next Round (formerly Subsequent Procedures)

3. Registration Data Request Service (RDRS)

  • What are the GNSO's plans in moving the RDRS forward, in respect of registrar onboarding and post launch?

ALAC Questions to the SSAC

  • .Zip (TBC)
  • DNNSEC Awareness Campaign (TBC)

Chokri Ben Romdhane  proposal "The SSAC has  created a work party entitled Evolution of DNS resolution  to 'Explore the current state and evolving nature of DNS resolution' with a focus on SSR issues related to alternative naming technologies, did this work  party reach any outputs in relation with secure use of such technologies?"

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