ALAC & Board Session - Wednesday, 6 November from 15:45-16:45

The Board chose the following topic to have an open discussion with the SO AC Groups:

“Community, Board and ICANN org readiness to implement the following three critical plans that will shape ICANN’s future

(1) Strategic Plan FY 21-25

(2) Operating & Financial Plan FY 21-25

(3) Work Plan to improve the effectiveness of ICANN’s multistakeholder model.”


The Strategic Plan [] has been adopted by the Board last June at ICANN 65 in Marrakech.  The two other plans will be completed and posted for public comment in December 2019.

Request from Maureen Hilyard: I'd like a team of volunteers to speak on behalf of At-Large on each of these topics - the penholders.

Volunteers: Marita Moll, 

Questions to the ICANN Board - to be submitted by  latest

Questions to be provided no later than Monday 14 October 2019 or sooner: your single topic or the list of questions (max. 3), in order of priority

Primary Question:

Certainly the topic of DNS Abuse is on the top of everyone’s mind, in the ICANN and end-user communities and the evidence suggests that implementation of the Temporary Specification (GDPR) has already had the predictable effect on research and enforcement. The CCT Review Team found unequivocally that the safeguards put in place in 2012 were ineffective and made a number of proposals based on a fairly restrictive definition of DNS Security Abuse.

While we believe a more expansive definition of DNS Abuse is called for,  to promote trust in the DNS and for contract compliance, and we applaud the board’s and ICANN ORGs efforts to get the community working on a broad definition, the ALAC is interested in a commitment to implement the recommendations made by the CCT Review using their restrictive definition.  The definition of DNS Abuse can evolve over time, as community discussions progress, but there seems to be no doubt that modifications to contracts, more holistic tools and practices for ICANN Compliance and even a DADRP are called for, regardless of the definition of DNS Abuse that might come out of community discussions. Beginning with a commitment to making these reforms using the restrictive definition employed by the CCT RT seems like a good start.

Would you commit to implementing them and allowing the definition of DNS Abuse to evolve organically as the context for which these new tools are used?

From Barrack

 I would propose the following question to the incoming Chairman and his Vice Chair.

a) Do they plan to adopt a different approach in how the board engages the ICANN Community and the ICANN Organization?
b) What are the top five priorities for the board from 2020 - 2021

From Jonathan Zuck, Justine Chew, Abdulkarim Oloyede: DNS Abuse

From Holly: Agree with DNS - which brings up the upcoming PDP on implementation of the CRT Report - which had many important recommendations on DNS abuse

ALAC & GAC Session - Tuesday, 5 November from 14:15-15:00

Questions for GAC

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