Please try to relate your questions to ALAC/At-Large priorities, including the At-Large Review Implementation, ATLAS III and current policy priorities.

ICANN64 Board Request

1.a Suggestions for the Board - to help them with the implementation of their new plans for 2021-25 Strategic Plan, FY20 Budget, 2year Budget planning, ICANN governance model 

1.b Suggestions for ICANN Org - to aid the Board in their tasks above. 

1.c Suggestions for the ICANN Comunity - to aid the Board and ICANN Org, to achieve their tasks above. 

2. How can ICANN improve trust and collaboration with its external allies and partners?

ICANN64 ccNSO Questions

ICANN64 GAC Questions

  1. EPDP

  2. Subsequent gTLD procedures/Geo names

  3. Follow-up to the GAC/ALAC statement at ICANN60

  4. Reactions to President Macron's IGF speech

  5. GAC/ALAC cooperation in capacity building. 

ICANN64 GNSO Questions

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