Detailed Report of EPDP on IDNs session on 2 March 2024

What happened?

This session discussed two outstanding issues from the Charter Questions from Phase 2 of the EPDP on IDNs. These were: (a) Whether or not the EPDP should make a recommendation on the need for registries to evolve their own systems for IDN Table Harmonization; and (b) If the information returned by RDDS should include information on the variant set, noting that RDDS does not currently provide for information on variants.

What are the At-Large specific takeaways from this session? 

IDN Table Harmonization is important for end-users amongst other stakeholders as harmonization ensures that there is a consistent and predictable way second-level labels behave at the second level. However, registries have difficulties in accepting any binding recommendation on how harmonization should be done.

End-users and registrants need a single source of information regarding variants, particularly delegated variants. Although RDDS doesn't currently provide information on variants, it is not difficult for registries to provide information on delegated variants.

What are the At-Large specific action items?
The ALAC team highlighted the fact that both registrants and end-users would benefit if there was a single consistent way second-level strings behave in different scripts. IDN Table harmonization contributes to this consistency and therefore is desirable. 

On the RDDS search output, registrants and end-users should be able to access authoritative information on variants, especially the delegated variants of a primary label. 

Next Steps
For String Harmonization, the EPDP team from Registries, registrars and ICANN Technical Staff will discuss further on how the current language may be modified to the satisfaction of everyone.

On RDDS, EPDP team needs to discuss further how to make information on variants accessible to everyone that requires it.


UASG Governance and Plans Working Session (10:30 - 12:00 AST, 5 March 2024)

What happened?

The session covered two elements: the UASG 5-year strategic plan and Governance Changes.

What are the At-Large specific takeaways?

Since UASG and At-Large work in close relation, particularly for initiatives such as the UA Day, At-Large needs to track the strategic plan as well as governance initiatives within the UASG.

Specific Governance Changes Proposed

* All members and leadership will submit their Statement of Interest (SoI) by end-June 2024. All new applicants will be required to submit their SoI
* SoIs will be the starting point, and more measures to enhance transparency and accountability will be ensured

UASG WG Chairs and Vice-Chair Selection
* Conditions set for new leadership positions
* Must have been be member for at least 6 months, with preference for those with higher meeting attendance in meetings
* Cannot continue with they do not attend 3 consecutive meeting without an apology
* WG meeting cannot be held without Chair/Vice Chair

UASG Chair and Vice Chair
* At least one year's experience in any UASG WG
* Must have attended at least 5 meetings in the past 6 months

Additional topics being discussed
* Limits for UASG WG leadership position
* Holding multiple leadership positions by a UASG Coordination WG members
* Charter of WGs
* More transparency of information to the community
* Planning and budgeting process
* Review of effectiveness of resource utilization and governance plan
* Revision of UASG Charter updates


UA Day Overview 2024 Work Session (09:00-10:00 AST, Wed, 6 Mar 2024)

The different types of the 2024 UA Day are as follows:

  • Awareness building
  • Technical Training
  • Academic Curricula
  • Adoption
  • Regional Strategy formulation

Overall snapshot

  • 133 proposals from 65+ countries
  • 56 proposals shortlisted from 50+ countries
  • 51 national events
  • 5 regional event
  • 1 global event

Materials available include slide decks, promo videos, and documentation, for:

  • Raising awareness
  • Technical training
  • Integration into academic programs
  • Adoption
  • Promotion purposes

Regional Statistics

RegionProposalShortlistedFrom ALAC

Keystone event

The 2024 Global UA Day event is to be organized by the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation, Belgrade, Serbia.

  • It is an independent tech/research organization and is not connected to the Government
  • Manages .RS and .СРБ, both IDNs
  • Over 3500 IDN names registered
  • Promotes the Cyrillic script online
  • Online registration is available at:
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