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  1. KSK Rollover:

    After hearing from SSAC and ICANN CTO David Conrad, ALAC has not reached consensus on the KSK Rollover. On the one hand, the KSK Rollover is delayed and overdue. Continued delay poses unquantified risk to the security of the DNS through a signing compromise. On the other hand, we face unquantified risk from resolvers that will fail the Rollover, the impact this failure will have on end users, and reputational harm ICANN may incur from DNS interruptions. Moreover, the data being collected by SSAC and ICANN is very noisy and bears further analysis. In short there are a lot of unknowns.

    Because of the multidimensional nature of the risks posed by the KSK Rollover, we would ask the Board's Risk Committee rather than SSAC to consider the balance of risks and issue a statement at ICANN62 considering whether the planned October 2018 KSK Rollover should go ahead as planned or should be delayed to allow useful time for additional risk analysis and mitigation to occur.