Reports submitted by At-Large community members who covered non-At-Large events at the ICANN Buenos Aires meeting. Please note that reports will be posted after the meeting begins.

MeetingDate and TimeAssignee and RALOReport

ALAC Meetings

Started at 8 am

17 November 2013Glenn McKnight NARALO

Photos and Video Playlist of ALAC

Fadi's morning speech

Steve's afternoon speech




Board Technical Committee meeting17 November 2013Glenn McKnight NARALO

Technical session briefly attended to film session, problem with new tripod, returned to ALAC meetings



LACRALO Showcase18 November 2013Glenn McKnight NARALO

Video and pictures provided to Slyvia for distribution

Update: Project Presentation18 November 2013Dev Anand Teelucksingh LACRALO/ALAC

Fadi introduced the session by apologizing for not including the Caribbean during the welcome ceremony when he asked persons from Latin America to stand up to be acknowledged.

The 5 fast-tracked porjects from the LAC Strategy, (project 1: Roadshow IPv6, new gTLDs, SSR ; Project 2: Communications Plan ; Project 3: SSR Capacity Building in the DNS ; Project 4: Emergency Response Team for ccTLDs ; Project 5: LAC Space in ICANN Meetings)

were presented by the various chairs of the WGs assigned to the tracks. Myself and Fatima Cambronero, co-chairs of Project 2: Communications Plan WG presented its work done on the LAC Communications Plan to date. See Meeting Agenda page for links to the PDFs of the other presentations. 
Strategic Planning18 November 2013Dev Anand Teelucksingh
Interesting presentation on the draft Vision, Mission & 5 draft Focus Areas with goals. The panel comprising members of the ICANN Board presented the draft vision and each draft Focus Area on separate slides and stopped to get feedback from the audience. Relatively small audience (30-40 or so ; in the same room for the welcome ceremony) but interesting feedback focusing a lot on the lack of accountability mentioned in the draft goals.
MSWG - Meeting Strategy Working Group18 November 2013

Eduardo Diaz & Sylvia Herlein Leite

We had a very successful brainstorming meeting to clarify the basic assumptions which will help drive the final scenarios that will be presented for public comments sometime before Singapore.

DNS Women18 November 2013

Natalia Enciso & Sylvia Herlein Leite


DNS Women- This time the traditional breakfast on Mondays was organize for SSGI – South School on Internet Governance - And Olga Caballi explian all their activities until now and invite to apply for the next one in Trinidad & Tobago.

We took the opportunity to invite the participants to LACRALO showcase announcing a tango and Argentine folkclore show.

ICANN Law enforcement Session18 November 2013Jose Arce LACRALO

Law enforcement session: I was invited to be part of law enforcement session on Monday and I was part, at the beginning, of the interpretation team because some people did not understand English. The second part of the session was in English. 

We participated in two training, one in DNS Abuse (David Piscitelli) and DDOs . Then we have some session of technical things. The last session was about investigation in the cyberspace. 

Were present GAC member of Argentina (Olga Cavalli) and Govermant representative (Ambassador), were present to local police of Buenos Aires (Metropolitana), federal police and Interpol from Argentina.

The focus of the day was to train the community in how to address an investigation regarding domain names or IP addresses.

Attendance of RALO mtgs for the Metrics WG

18 November 2013

19 November 2013

Maureen Hilyard APRALOI was able to take advantage of RALO meetings held on-site to be able to take the issue of metrics to the ALSes attending the Buenos Aires. The whole purpose of making a face-to-face approach at the RALO meetings was to seek feedback that could contribute to what the Metrics group needs to acknowledge during its development of metrics that can address the peformance obligations of Section 9 of the ALAC ROPs.
ISOC Chapter event.19 November 2013Glenn McKnight NARALO

Setup the LIVESTREAM for the event

Pictures of the event


ccNSO meeting

19 November 2013

20 November 2013

Maureen Hilyard APRALOI attended the two day meeting of the ccNSO and at the end of the Council Meeting formally became the ALAC liaison for the ccNSO. The meeting focused on policy issues and their finance report drew much discussion. There were two interesting panel discussions on capacity building and security issues. I was also invited to attend the Council meeting. An ALAC-ccNSO meeting was not as well coordinated as it could have been, but we will address this issue for Singapore.
ICANN Academy Debriefing20 November 2013Glenn McKnight NARALO

Interesting survey of the 22 participants Only 16 out of 22 finished the survey

Most people noticed that the ICANN Online Academy tool that it generally ineffective and that ICANN is making the same type of mistake as the ICANN LABS


ICANN NOMCOM Public Meeting

Report by the NOMCOM Chair and introduction to new 2014 membership


AT LARGE ATLAS Planning meeting. Lots of discussion on the communication strategy ie. Webinars, emails etc


WHOIS Update20 November 2013Holly Raiche APRALO

Panel session on steps being taken to implement the contractual obligations under the existing/revised RAA”

  • Whois:
    • Phase One: New Whois Website – now a beta site.  Seeking comments on the site.
    • Phase 2: develop search look up tools – as a place go t globally o look up gTLD whois records
    • Phase  3: Will look at Whois accuracy and reporting
  • WEIRDS – an update on development of a registration data access protocol – to deliver response to issues identified.
  • Compliance – review of the process and system improvements, including timelines for turn-around times for Whois accuracy complaints
  • Policy issues arising from the revised RAA:
    • Whois Studies being commissioned
    • New WG on accreditation of privacy/proxy services
    • PDP on thick Whois
    • PDP on translation and transliteration of contact information
IRPT D20 November 2013Holly Raiche APRALO

The meeting took a step back to ask the purpose of the IRTP meetings generally – which is to look at the effectiveness of the GNSO Inter-Registrar Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy Generally, and to reconcile/discover inconsistencies in the totality of the policy.

Related questions are whether the policy should be open to registrants and, if so, what documentation should they be required to provide.

To recap where the group is up to: the downstream implications from the IRTP C report include that registrants were included in the process.  On reconsideration, including registrants in the process raises too many questions, about the cost to them of using the process, and what documentation is required.

Maybe there should be another process open to registrants – possibly similar to the UDRP concept of mutual jurisdiction and the idea of a specialist panel with knowledge of the industry before taking disputes to court.

The issue is the mountain of complaints and recourse for registrants if the registrar in question does not bring an action under the policy.  The issue is not just transfers, but non-transfers.

Another way to address the issue is to not include registrants in the policy, but include in the policy a requirement that if a registrant requests a registrar to take action on a domain name that has been transferred away, then the registrar must do so.  That means that the registrant could then go to ICANN with a complaint against the registrar for non-action.  

This would mean changing recommendations on ITRP C – but provide a better remedy for registrants rather than bearing the costs of taking a complaint under the policy. 

FOIWG21 November 2013Maureen Hilyard APRALOThe FOIWG has completed its statement on Revocation and is seeking comments from the wider community. The FOIWG may disband in Singapore unless an education programme is required to address Revocation issues for the GAC.
Privacy/Proxy Services Accreditation Issues PDP Working Group 21 November 2013Holly Raiche APRALO

This was the first meeting of the WG.  The meeting

  • Reviewed the background to the formation of this group including
  • Whois Review team final report
  • RAA negotiations and resulting specification that was part of the revised RAA passed by the Board

In the specification – are just high level principles – and any signatory to the 2013 RAA are bound by the specification.  The specification has a sunset date of 2017 for development – after which it will have no effect.

The meeting discussed the need for definitions in the specification, particularly its 4 concepts:

  • Disclosure
  • Contact
  • Relay
  • reveal

In discussion, there should be an additional concept of ‘unmask’  - to indicate revealing information so that it is publicly available, rather than just reveal – which is revealing information to a particular party. 

Also note a meeting between Paul Wilson, CEO of APNIC with me and Maureen Hilyard on Monday to finalise details on a proposed MoU between APRALO and APNIC – to be officially signed at the Singapore meeting.
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