1. Members and Mandate

(1a) Mandate
  • Review individuals (candidates from a list to be provided by the ICANN ATRT2 Staff), who apply to serve on the second Accountability & Transparency Review Team “as representing the At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC).” 
  • Assess the suitability of the candidates for the work of the ATRT2 by evaluating them against the set of criteria specified in the ATRT2 Call for Volunteers as well as additional criteria specific to the ALAC. 
  • Recommend a list of candidates for ALAC endorsement based on a high level of confidence that the candidates are qualified to assess ICANN's accountability and transparency and can do so from the perspective/viewpoint of the ALAC and the global At-Large Community.
(1b) Members





Yaovi Atohoun

APRALORinalia Abdul RahimChair


Holly Raiche



Olivier Crépin-Leblond

Non-voting observer


Sandra Hoferichter


LACRALO/ALACDev Anand Teelucksingh 
NARALO/ALACEduardo Diaz 
2. Confidentiality Policy
(2a) Sub-Committee Discussion About Candidates
  • Discussion about candidates and candidate assessment will be conducted in Sub-Committee and among Sub-Committee members only.
  • No information from the designated Sub-Committee workspace and mailing list will be forwarded or shared with anyone outside of the Sub-Committee.
(2b) Sub-Committee Meeting Recording
  • Meetings will be recorded except for segments on candidate discussion and assessment.
  • Recordings are for internal Sub-Committee use only (i.e., to support fact verification by Sub-Committee and staff during the course of work) and will not be made publicly available.
  • Recordings will be kept by ICANN staff and destroyed once the Sub-Committee has completed its work.
(2c) Sub-Committee Workspaces & Mailing List
  • Sub-Committee work will be conducted via the restricted workspace and the designated mailing list.
  • Sub-Committee’s restricted workspace will be viewable at all times by its members and staff only, and will be deleted once the Sub-Committee work has been completed.
  • Sub-Committee’s mailing list (alac-atrt2@atlarge-lists.icann.org) will not retain any archives of messages sent via it and will be closed once the Sub-Committee work has been completed.
  • ALAC workspace will be used by the Sub-Committee Chair to provide updates/reports to the ALAC about the non-confidential aspects of the Sub-Committee’s work.

3. Task Timeline

(See Announcement of extension of call for volunteers to 14 January 2013)

27 Nov 2012 (Tue)

Tabling of Key Decision Points to the ALAC

14 Dec 2012 (Fri)

Deadline for ALAC comments on candidate assessment matrix

14 Dec 2012 (Fri)

Deadline for Committee formation

17-20 Dec 2012 (Mon-Thu)

Committee discussion on overall process and matrix proxy indicators refinement

7-11 Jan 2013 (Mon-Fri)

Committee validation of matrix proxy indicators + test review of sample applications

14 Jan 2013 (Mon)

Candidate application deadline for ATRT2

15 Jan 2013 (Tue)

Staff sends out matrix assessment form listing all ALAC candidates to Committee members

15-17Jan 2013 (Tue-Thu)

Individual Assessment: Committee members review candidate applications and make initial individual assessments

18 Jan 2013 (Fri)

Committee Meeting to discuss candidates

19 Jan 2013 (Sat)

Committee Members submit individual assessments

20 Jan 2013 (Sun)

Staff tabulates results

21 Jan 2013 (Mon)

Staff circulates results to Committee

22-23 Jan 2013 (Tue-Wed)

Committee Meeting to review aggregate ranking, discuss and confirm candidate order

24-27 Jan 2013 (Thu-Sun)

ALAC 4-day ratification vote on endorsed candidates

28 Jan 2013 (Mon)

Deadline for SO/AC announcement of endorsed candidates and submission to ATRT2 staff

15 Feb 2013

ATRT2 candidate selection by ICANN Board Chair and GAC Chair

March  2013

ATRT2 work commences

4. Special Information Requirements for ALAC Candidates

  • A resume (maximum three pages);
  • A letter of motivation;
  • A Declaration of Interests;
  • Responses to 3 questions posed by the Sub-Committee as follows:
    • (a)  Why do you believe that you are in a position to fairly assess ICANN's mechanisms for accountability, transparency and public input?
    • (b)  Why do you believe that you are in a position to assess ICANN’s focus on the global public interest? 
    • (c)  Why do you believe that you will be able to do the above from the perspective of the ALAC and the global ICANN At-Large Community?

5. ALAC Candidates and Application Materials

  1. Olivier Crépin-Leblond
    1. Responses to Questions
    2. Letter of Motivation
    3. Declaration of Interests
    4. CV
  2. Jean-Jacques Subrenat 
    1. Responses to Questions
    2. Letter of Motivation
    3. Declaration of Interests
    4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Jacques_Subrenat - CV
  3. Alan Greenberg
    1. Responses to Questions
    2. Letter of Motivation
    3. Declaration of Interests
    4. CV
  4. Daniel A. Reed
    1. Responses to Questions
    2. Letter of Motivation
    3. Declaration of Interests
    4. CV

6. Assessment Criteria and Method

Please click here to download a copy of the PDF below.


7. Meeting Summaries

Please click here to download a copy of the 19 December 2012 Meeting Summary notes.

Please click here to download a copy of the 9 January 2012 Meeting Summary notes.


Please click here to download a copy of the 18 January 2012 Meeting Summary notes.

Please click here to download a copy of the 23 January 2012 Meeting Summary notes.



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  1. The criteria seems complete.  However, some attributes are clearly more important than others.  I would suggest that #1, 2, 3, 4 & 9 are ranked co-equal with 80% weight of  decision.


    1. Excellent suggestion, Carlton.  I would tend to agree with that 80-20 weighting.  In addition, I would cluster the following:

      • 8&9 because both are about analytical skills
      • 7&10 because both are about objectivity

      Best regards,



  2. I support Rinalia proposal in general. Nevertheless, I have some comments and suggestions:

    • I don’t know why this is named sub-committee. I see it as an endorsement group or committee except if there is a reason for the suggested name. What about “Candidate Endorsement Committee (CEC)”.
    • To make it not too complicated, I propose that the Chair assesses the candidates as any other member, and thus counts in the regional balance
    • The matrix looks well for me. We can add a column  for a ponderation weight since Carlton rightly finds that all criteria don’t have the same importance.
    • As for Olivier, I agree to endorse him as a primary candidate. I already supported Carlton recommendation in this regard.
    • If endorsed by consensus as a primary candidate, Olivier will be exempt from assessment, but I don’t find it useful to add him to the sub-committee as an observer since he is still candidate.  
    1. Dear Tijani,

      Thank you for these input.  Below are my responses:

      1. I am open to alternative names for the committee and indeed "Ad Hoc Sub-Committee" is a mouthful.  However, I have been advised by the ALAC Chair that "Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee" is correct for the purpose.
      2. The role of Chair, in my opinion, is to guide and facilitate.  I believe in NomCom the Chairs do not vote.  I would like to follow this precedent because I think it is a best practice. 
      3. I will adjust the matrix for the Committee accordingly when it is ready to commence its work.  Right now I would like to see if there are more feedback from the ALAC regarding the matrix.
      4. With Olivier being exempt from assessment and already endorsed by the ALAC via consensus call as primary candidate, I don't think there is a problem with him observing the process.  While he is a candidate to the ATRT2, he is also still the ALAC Chair.  As ALAC Chair, it is his responsibility to monitor critical work, particularly those that will affect ICANN's governance arrangements.  If ALAC members are concerned about his participation in the committee as an observer, they should make it known (as you have done).  I am certain that he will take these concerns into consideration.  

      Best regards,