We have a full hour set aside in Singapore for the start of the discussion on ALS criteria and expectations. Although that sounds like a lot of time, if all 30 or so of us participate, that is only 2 minutes each! Staff, particularly those that interact with RALOs, ALSes and ALS applicants are welcome to participate.

So it would be useful if we all got our thoughts organized before the meeting.

I would prefer no to direct the discussion too much, but here are some thoughts on what I see as wrong with our current situation (in no particular order) and some thoughts for the future:

- We have too many ALSes where there is really only one person who cares about or focuses on ICANN issues. Often that person is a leading contributor, but it is unclear what the rest of the ALS contributes, or even to what extent the rest of the ALS is even aware of ICANN.

- In the above case, where there is good worker, we do not want to lose that person

- In the above case where there is no one who contributes regularly (but there may be a person who is willing to travel at our expense) do we want them?

- We have some ALSes where there is not only 1 person active in ICANN, but there is evidence that there is only 1 or few people involved in it at all. Should there be a minimum number to be an ALS?

- We need to more greatly engage people who have an interest in general Internet governance, and in issues that go outside of ICANN's purview. Fadi has said that he will support this, but I have a hard time understanding how we should so this, and how we should support them (and vice-versa).

- What do want a "good" ALS to do? Have a web site that points to ICANN and selected ICANN pages? Redistribute some messages, and if so which ones (do we have to create such messages for this purpose)?

- Are there other models that we can learn from where remote groups are kept engaged? ICANN Chapters? IEEE Chapters?

- What should we be looking for in ALS applicants to better recognize a good candidate? Evidence of other activities and involvement (web sites, paper documents)? References?

- Provisional or Conditional ALS status for the first period (year?)?

- Periodic reports from ALSes?

- Given the problems with ALSes, how do we want to boost the concept of individual members to better serve At-Large?

Are there any major aspects that I have missed?


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