At-Large Structure (ALS) Application Forms (MSWord):

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ALS Application Listing

Requirements for Accreditation as an ALS

Guidelines for Evaluation of ALS Applications

The At-Large Advisory Committee has established guidelines to be used in deciding on the suitability of new applicants for At-Large Structure (ALS) Status. The current version, AL/2007/SD/7.Rev7, and any further amendments can be retrieved below in several language versions:


Our Application was Rejected, and We Wish to Have the Decision Reviewed

You have three options for a review of the decision reached by the At-Large Advisory Committee:

1. Request that the ALAC Reconsider It's Decision

If you believe that the reasons for the decision are not correct, you may ask the ALAC to reconsider the decision. When requesting ALAC reconsideration, please provide details of why you believe the decision is not correct in as much detail as you believe will be useful, and transmit this by email, along with any supplementary documentation you believe relevant to The staff will acknowledge receipt and transmit the information to the ALAC.

2. Ombudsman

ICANN has established the Office of the Ombudsman to evaluate and where possible resolve complaints about unfair or inappropriate treatment by ICANN. For more information about ICANN's Ombudsman, please visit If you have a dispute you want the Ombudsman to investigate, or to contact the Ombudsman, please visit

3. Board Reconsideration procedure

ICANN's Board of Directors has established a Reconsideration Committee to handle requests from any person or entity that has been materially affected by any ICANN staff action if such person or entity believes the action contradicts established ICANN policies, or by actions of the Board that such person or entity believes has been taken without consideration of material information. Note: this is a brief summary of the relevant Bylaws provisions. For more information about ICANN's reconsideration process, please visit

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