ALAC and Regional Leadership Working Session - Singapore

Date: Sunday, 08 February 2015

Time: 09:00-17:30 local time (for the time in various timezones click here)

Room: VIP

Meeting Number: AL.RL/WS.0215/1


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Lead: HU

Notes: SV/ SJ


Moderator: Alan Greenberg


  1. Welcome, Setting Ground Rules, New At-Large Meeting Strategy, Outline of Week and At-Large Singapore Reporting (9:00-09:15)

  2. Discussion with Fadi Chehadé, ICANN President and CEO (9:15-9:45)  

  3. Discussion with the Global Stakeholder Engagement Team - With Sally Costerton, Senior Advisor to the President - Global Stakeholder Engagement and Regional Vice Presidents & Tarek Kamel, Senior Advisor to the President - Gov. Engagement (9:45-10:30)

  4. Lunch Break (12:00-13:30)

  5. Discussion with Xavier Calvez,ICANN CFO, including the FY16 AC/SO Special Request process, FY16 Budget process and ICANN Draft Five-Year Operating Plan(13:30-14:30) 

  6. Meeting with the SSAC with Jim Galvin (14:30-15:15) - Moderated by   Julie Hammer, ALAC Liaison to the SSAC
  7. Coffee Break (15:15-15:30)

  8. Hot Topic 1  - ICANN Accountability and Transparency (15:30-16:00)
  9. Hot Topic 2 - NTIA IANA Functions' Stewardship Transition (16:00-16:45)

  10. ICANN Meeting Strategy Update - Discussion with Meetings Staff (16:45-17:15)
  11. Signing of MOU between NARALOand ARIN - John Curran, President and CEO, ARIN and Evan Leibovitch, Interim Chair, NARALO (17:15-17:30)



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