At-Large Leadership Welcome to ICANN75

  • No Action Items noted. 

GAC & ALAC Cooperation - Capacity Building

  • No Action Items noted. 

At-Large RALO Coordination Meeting - Part 1: Policy Issues

On the topic of  Impact of GDPR- 4 years : The following questions were asked about GDPR, they will be referred to the CPWG:

Question by Naveed: In what areas and aspects do you think the community overreacted or not reacted at par to GDPR?

Question by   shreedeep rayamajhi :  GDPR is a major issues in EUROPE and in ASIA where we are still struggling to cope with the idea of GDPR what are the plans for coordination among the RALOs in getting the best for the Community

  • All RALOs to start discussion on how to enhance Diversity in all their regions.


At-Large Operations Update 

Joint: ALAC & SSAC

  • ALAC and SSAC to collaborate on a Roadmap DNS Abuse. 
  • Jonathan Zuck and Rod Rasmussen to have a call post - AGM on how to move the roadmap on DNS Abuse forward. 

At-Large Policy Update

  • No action items recorded


At-Large Policy: ICANN's Goal for a Multilingual Internet through IDNs

  • No Action Items noted. 

ICANN Board and ALAC

  • No Action Items noted. 

At-Large Diversity Survey on ICANN Leadership Groups


At-Large APRALO Students Briefing Session

RALO Coordination Meeting Part 2 

  • No action items recorded

At-Large APRALO: Celebrating diversity for an Inclusive Future

  • No action items recorded


Joint Session: ALAC and GAC

  • ALAC and GAC continue to share perspectives leading into the ITU meeting in Bucharest.

  • Request for ICANN staff to consider conducting a community call at key checkpoints throughout the year between SOAC leadership and the whole ICANN Board and senior ICANN Org leadership to reflect and whether recent public meetings discussions had influenced thinking on any of the communities strategic priorities.

Joint AFRALO-AfrICANN Meeting

  • Seun Ojedeji to ask ICANN org leadership on rotation of ICANN public meetings in Africa.

At-Large Capacity Building Workshop: The Art of Leadership

  • The At-Large Capacity Building Working Group to review outcomes of Jamboard
    • Call scheduled Thursday 13 October with AI on the agenda

Joint ALAC and GNSO Meeting

  • A single issue call to be scheduled on x


At-Large Leadership Wrap Up - Part 1

  • ALAC appointed Michael Palage as the second At-Large Representative to the GNSO Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team. 
  • The At-Large Social Media Working Group announced its three winners:
    1. First Place - Syanseke Levy
    2. Second Place - @AfricanAtLarge
    3. Third Place - Abdullah Qamar

At-Large Leadership Wrap Up - Part 2

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