Tuesday, 13 October 2020

At-Large Leadership Session: Welcome to ICANN69 & Policy Session:Recommendation Prioritisation - EE

  • Evin Erdogdu to request template from Comms for future ALAC/At-Large ICANN Meeting Talking Points.
  •  Ricardo Holmquist Follow up of Recommendation Thresher to include exploration of tools for collaboration, potential OFB-WG Small Team.

Notes: During discussion of ALAC/At-Large ICANN69 Talking Points with Jonathan Zuck, there was a thorough discussion on the evolving role of At-Large, in terms of DNS Abuse education within the RALOs. Ricardo segwayed into the presentation on ICANN Recommendations, introducing how At-Large or end users can push for implementation. Cheryl Langdon-Orr presented the Recommendations and which are potentially a priority to At-Large. Alperen Eken presented on potential tools for collaboration. There was a peak of 104 participants observed.

Joint ALAC & NCSG Meeting: ICANN and Human Rights - a way forward - HU

  • @Jonathan Zuck and Olivier Crepin-Leblond to take up HR in the CPWG and identify shepherds that they might enlist to work with the NCSG on this topic.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

The At-Large Community and DNS Abuse: An Individual User Education Campaign - EE

Notes: Jonathan Zuck presented the overview of the topic, and polled participants on their opinions of what actions the At-Large should take. Hadia Elminiawi on AFRALO's perspective. Bill Jouris noted compared to AF region, NA region was very much in the "early days". Matthias Hudobnik presented on behalf of EU, sharing videos/EU resources. Alejandro Pisanty was not present on the call, so Holly Raiche presented next on AP region on behalf of Internet Australia's experience with government support. There was a peak of 125 participants observed.

Joint AFRALO-AfrICANN Meeting - SV

  • Seun Ojedeji and AFRALO leadership to follow up with Pierre Dandjinou on the future of AFRiCANN to further improve collaboration of AFRALO-AfriCANN
  • Seun Ojedeji and AFRALO leadership to follow-up on UA ambassadors on local UA initiatives
  • Sarah Kiden to follow-up to finalize  AFRALO-AFRICANN statement.

Thursday 15 October 2020

European Perspectives on ICANN and Internet Governance - A Stakeholder Roundtable hosted by EURALO, Part 1 - GG

Notes: All panelists present. There was a peak of 152 participants observed (of which 35 staff). Panelists provided their view on one of the following topics : Data Accuracy, DNS, Future of ICANN Meetings (with mention of the survey), ICANN MS Processes, MS Governance, Participation, Powers of EC (to be completed)

European Perspectives on ICANN and Internet Governance - A Stakeholder Roundtable hosted by EURALO, Part 2 - HU

Note: All panelists present. Topics included the importance of Internet Governance, the Digital Services Act,its extraterritorial legislation and its impact on the infrastructure of the Internet (a regulatory impact assessment is suggested), capacity building around IG issues, ICANN's MSM and the EU's regulatory Internet activities both benefit from the participation of all stakeholders; Digital sovereignty; Current EU Internet regulation and need for different organizations to coordinate their activities; the interconnected Internet, including ICANN/IANA and the concept of technical internet governance. There was a peak of 145 participants observed.

ICANN At-Large: Ensuring Community Engagement in Pandemic Times  - SV

  • N/A

At-Large Regional Leaders Meeting - HU

  • N/A

ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement: Dialoging into O&E - HU

  • N/A

Monday, 19 October 2020

Joint ALAC & ICANN Board Meeting - EE

  • N/A

Notes: Jonathan Zuck raised the distinction between "Effectiveness" and "Efficiency" in the MSM. There was a peak of 152 participants observed.

Coordinating the Internet unique identifiers and the interests of the Internet users - EE

  • N/A

Notes: Steven Crocker, former ICANN Board Chairman, provided an overview of the Internet unique identifiers, their history and the evolution of the interests of Internet end users. There was a peak of 100 participants observed.

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

ALAC 2020: Achievements & Highlights - HU

  • N/A

Notes: ALAC/At-Large achievements in the areas of Policy, and Operations and Outreach were discussed highlighting the roles of various working groups and their accomplishments in 2020. There was a peak of 88 participants observed. 

Beyond Budapest: The UN Cybercrime Treaty and DNS Abuse - HU

  • N/A

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Joint ALAC & GAC Meeting - EE

Reminder of AIs from 01 October GAC & ALAC Leadership Team meeting:

  • Staff to schedule an ALAC/GAC call regarding EPDP and next steps after ICANN69. See Notes below.
  • CPWG to include comparative analysis of ALAC, GAC, ICANN Board/org positions on SubPro to see where there may be commonality between ALAC and GAC. When on agenda, GAC members to be invited to discuss.

Notes: Manal noted that EPDP representatives from GAC and ALAC would have a follow up call after ICANN69. The GAC will select their reps, and Maureen noted that the ALAC would confirm their reps for EPDP. Justine Chew presented on points of consensus between the GAC and ALAC on SubPro. Jeff Neumann comment about ALAC concerns  in their recent statement being addressed regarding CPE. Maureen emphasized the value of the CPWG in the efficient development of ALAC/At-Large policy positions, with particular respect to SubPro. Jonathan Zuck presented on the At-Large DNS Abuse Education Campaign, and asked GAC members for relevant material/contacts. Switzerland shared some material(s) in the chat. Finally, Manal noted that a new GAC liaison to ALAC is needed. There was a peak of 207 participants observed. 

Engagement Group-Internet Governance (EG-IG) Session on Digital Platforms and Regulation - TBD

  • N/A

Thursday, 22 October 2020

At-Large Wrap Up, Debrief 69 and Prep 70 - EE

Notes: Maureen Hilyard, ALAC Chair introduced the session by recognizing incoming and outgoing leaders. Jonathan Zuck, ALAC Vice Chair for Policy noted the At-Large activity related to policy during ICANN69, including the At-Large Policy Platform. Göran Marby, ICANN President mentioned data and ODI, as ICANN has provided a lot of data to the community over the past several years. He also noted that the ICANN community has been very effective during the pandemic / virtual meetings, yet noted ongoing analysis of how to make virtual meetings better. Göran noted how productive ALAC had been in terms of policy, and engagement during Board sessions and meetings - and also noted the RALO statements. Maureen noted her appreciation that his term as President/CEO has been extended. Göran noted said he believes so strongly in the MSM. Maarten Botterman, ICANN Board Chair noted increased engagement, particularly in regards to DNS Abuse, and on issues in general, how cross-collaborative the SOACs had been: "we need to do these things together". Jonathan noted thanks for the pandemic bandwidth funding, and noted hope for future use of expanded tools (Slack, Loomio, etc). Göran noted the ITI, and also Project Management Framework, and wanted to be cautious to add new tools. Leon spoke in Spanish, thanking incoming and outgoing leaders, and commenting on the commendable work of At-Large. Natalia Filina, SMWG Chair presented on the winners of the SMWG Twitter Competition, staff shared prizes and honorable mentions. Maureen presented the 2021 organizational chart. Peak of 107 participants observed.

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