ALAC Meeting with the Board  

Meeting Number: AL.ALAC/CC.0615/1

Date: Tuesday, 23 June 2015                                      

Time: 08:30-09:30 ART (For the time in various timezones click here)

Meeting Room: Libertador AB


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Topic 1: Equitable Access for All Stakeholders

ATRT2 Recommendation 10.5: The Board must Facilitate the equitable participation in ICANN activities applicable, of Those WHO ICANN stakeholders lack the financial support of industry players. The recent case of an ALAC member esta Who Could not Attend staff meeting due to lack of funding is a blatant case in point.

The opposite side to the difficulty in recruiting new active volunteers - how to Ensure That You Have Those do not disappear due to lack of funding.

Discussion on options. This is not just a matter for the ALAC to submit special budget requests, but more one of philosophy on how to address the issue.

Topic 2: Postponement of At-Large Review 

Dialogue when it was first discussed. We were relieved to say would be an exaggeration. The perception at the time was That We Were Being Asked to deliver what was impossible Clearly if Done with any modicum of quality.


  •  Used to Being FAR too overloaded
  • Used to having unreasonable Demands
  • That belief complaining would not result in a change - ". That is what the rules are they can not be changed ..."

Topic 3 (Possible - to be confirmed): PICs and Category 1 TLDs. The process and outcomes Associated With the ALAC Advice.

(NOT a discussion of the substance)

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