Participants: Hong, Xue, Vittorio Bertola, Sebastian Ricciardi, Jean Armour Polly, Denise Michel, Pierre Dandjinou, Izumi Aizu, John Levine

Absent: Clement Dzidonu, Sunday Folayan, Annette Muehlberg, Wendy Seltzer, Tadao Takahashi, Tommy Matsumoto, Erick Iriarte; Operator unable to connect to Roberto Gaetano; Bret Fausett notified ALAC of conflict.

1. Action: Agree on domain name/s for new website 
2. Report: Bylaw change for ALS certification 
3. Action: Agree on minimum ALAC member participation requirements 
4. Report: New ALAC positions and/or new position descriptions 
5. Action: Pending ALS applications 
6. Report: ICANN Strategic Plan input 
7. Report /Action: NET, WHOIS, new gTLDs, IDNs, Transfers

8. Report: ALAC review

1. ALAC discussed several options for domain names for the ALAC’s new interactive website and agreed to reserve .net .org and .info. to move forward with the website. Alternatives can still be considered if desired.

2. Bylaw changes for ALS certification were submitted to the Board’s Secretary (ICANN General Counsel) with a request that they be expedited and posted immediately for public comment. ALAC is waiting for a response on next steps.

3. ALAC agreed to pursue minimum participation requirements which would include ALAC members attending at least 1 meeting per year and participating in a minimum number of conference calls and email votes. Requirements would include consideration for extenuating circumstances. Proposed requirements will be shared via email. Denise will ask for ICANN General Counsel guidance on whether bylaw changes are required and what process should be used.

4. Vittorio will circulate a proposal for ALAC positions for committee discussion at and/or or prior to Vancouver.

5.  ALAC discussed pending At-Large Structure applications. Pierre reported that he has not heard from Clement, who was supposed to get more information on Africa Youth Foundation which is based in his country, nor Sunday, who was supposed to get more information on Nigerian Internet Users Coalition which is based in his country. Denise will contact them, and the organizations directly if necessary. Izumi and Hong recommended the ALAC certify the Internet Users Society – Niue and the Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society and that the ALAC now vote on these applications. Both are active participants in efforts to create an APRALO. Sebastian strongly recommended certification of AGEIA DENSI, which involves college professors and students and is a model worth trying in this region. He has been in contact with them. He and Erick have discussed the application from Asociación Ecuatoriana de Derecho Informático y Telecomunicaciones, AEDIT, and they recommend the ALAC certify this group. Erick can provide comments on JCI Ecuador and Corporación Ecuatoriana de Comercio Electrónico, CORPECE. *If any member needs more information or feel they might need to abstain from voting, they need to indicate this to the ALAC now.* Vittorio will be calling a vote based on ALAC regional members’ recommendations. Sebastian noted that ISOC Mauritious would be submitting an ALS application. Denise noted that the Ombudsman had received a complaint from an ALS applicant who had not been certified.

6. Along with other Advisory Committees and Supporting Organizations, the ALAC has been asked to send a representative to an ICANN Strategic Plan meeting scheduled for 18-19 Oct. in Marina del Rey. Strategic planning documents will be available soon for ALAC review and input. More information will be emailed.

7. ALAC agreed to request a translation of the draft IDN guidelines and an extension of the public comment period to enable At-Large groups (and others) in various countries to participate in the review process. ALAC agreed to Report /Action: NET, WHOIS, new gTLDs, IDNs, Transfers

8. The ALAC’s self-review is progressing. Sebastian will provide the ALAC with a draft in the near future. He issued a “final call” for review questionnaires from ALAC members (email them directly to Sebastian today).

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