2 August 2005

Participants: Vittorio Bertola, Sebastian Ricciardi, Denise Michel, Bret Fausett, Annette Muehlberg, John Levine, Roberto Gaetano, Izumi Aizu

Absent: Jean Armour Polly, Pierre Dandjinou, Clement Dzidonu, Sunday Folayan, Erick Iriarte , Tommy Matsumoto, Wendy Seltzer, Tadao Takahashi, Hong Xue (MCI did not connect her to the call)

1. Pending applications for "At-Large Structure" certification 
2. Revision of ALS certification process 
3. ALAC self-review, Committee members' terms and positions, mission/vision statement 
4. Communications and new website 
5. Outreach, regional activities 
6. Issues: WHOIS; new gTLDs; IDNs; follow-up on Luxembourg actions/statements 
7. Budget 
8. Vancouver meeting 
9. Misc.

1. Pending applications for "At-Large Structure" certification -- ISOC Australia and Asociacion Internauta were certified as At-Large Structures (these groups have been notified); Sunday Folayan and Clement Dzidonu did not respond to requests for their votes which has delayed action on ALS applications on which ALAC is voting; Chair will prepare draft statement on pending applications; ALAC members need to provide recomendations on applications from their regions (see Sebastian recommendations on AGEIA DENSI, JCI Ecuador, AEDIT, CORPECE) so ALAC can move to voting.

2. Revision of ALS certification process -- Comments requested on proposed bylaw changes circulated by Vittorio to lessen voting requirements for ALS certification; when ALAC has closure on changes, staff will prepare request for Board action on bylaw change.

3. ALAC self-review, Committee members' terms and positions, mission/vision statement -- Sebastian will circulate set of questions to solicit ALAC input and then will prepare draft review document for ALAC consideration, (building on previous efforts), for adoption at Vancouver meeting; Vittorio will prepare document on ALAC role descriptions and options for online discussion with the intention to reach agreement/adopt it and discuss procedures for filling the positions by Vancouver (note that ALAC may need to revise bylaws depending on changes it wants to make to leaderhsip positions); ALAC will continue to discuss mission and vision statements online, with expected adoption at/by Vancouver meeting.

4. Communications and new website -- Posting and editing procedures need final ALAC agreement to move forward -- following-up on discussion Jean led in Luxembourg; Sebastian will coordinate with website work to incorporate new communications strategy, and he also will review newsletter with an eye towards updating it.

5. Outreach, regional activities -- To follow-up on the Europe At-Large meeting held last month in Luxembourg, discussions are onging about a "Europe roadmap" for At-Large organizing; Vittorio, Roberto, Annette are working on principles paper for EURALO; to follow-up on the Asia/Pacific At-Large meeting held last month in Luxembourg, several action items are underway (proposed charter, organization plan, bylaws, etc) and a meeting is being organized in Taipei in late August in conjunction with APNG.

6. Issues: WHOIS; new gTLDs; IDNs; follow-up on Luxembourg actions/statements -- WHOIS task force work continues; there *maybe a workshop on WHOIS in Vancouver sponsored by the GNSO Council and GAC; discussions will continue online on the proposed input for a new gTLD process, and Bret will provide more proposed statements; Vittorio will re-activate previous proposed statement on IDNs that ALAC did not reach agreement on; no action on President's IDN Advisory Committee; ALAC's public statements will be posted on website and follow-up emails will be sent to pursue action/implementation.

7. Budget -- ALAC still needs spending figures from last fiscal year and information on this year's budget (ICANN budget was adopted in Luxembourg); initial reports indicated that the ALAC budget was frozen along with some other budget items; Vittorio sent email to Twomey requesting this information and staff will follow-up.

8. Vancouver meeting -- staff will work with North American ALAC members to propose At-Large events/meeting schedule for Vancouver, with the expectation that ALAC agree to final Vancouver plans by mid-September; goal is to have substantial advance public notice to enable more public participation.

9. Misc -- ALAC needs to respond to .MOBI request for At-Large member for their Board; Vittorio will ask about deadline; Izumi agreed that ALAC needed to address donations from sTLD's for At-Large work prior to any solictations; Izumi encouraged public input to WGIG report by deadline.

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