Claudia Ruiz: (10/8/2018 08:19) Welcome to the ALAC Orientation Call on Monday, 08 October 2018 at 16:00 UTC

  Claudia Ruiz: (08:29)

  Evin Erdogdu: (08:54) Hello all!

  Joanna Kulesza: (08:55) Hello everyone, is my audio working?

  Claudia Ruiz: (08:56) we can't hear you

  Claudia Ruiz: (08:56) you need to connect your mic

  Joanna Kulesza: (08:56) I believe to have done so:)

  Joanna Kulesza: (08:56) will keep trying though, bear with me please

  Heidi Ullrich: (08:57) Welcome!

  Joanna Kulesza: (08:58) I can hear all right, just seem to be missing my mic input over here

  Joanna Kulesza: (08:58) still nothing?

  Joanna Kulesza: (08:58) any tips?:)

  Silvia Vivanco: (08:59) Hello all

  Evin Erdogdu: (08:59) Hello @Joanna!

  Evin Erdogdu: (08:59) @Joanna feel free to do an audio check, we can confirm.

  Heidi Ullrich: (09:01) Agenda:

  Joanna Kulesza: (09:04) :)

  Joanna Kulesza: (09:04) happy to share my pic if that helps:)

  Heidi Ullrich: (09:04) @Joanna, we've seen your photo with the announcements :)

  Evin Erdogdu: (09:05) Welcome @Marita!

  Heidi Ullrich: (09:14) The At-Large Leadership Team (ALT) consists of 1 ALAC Member from each of the five Regional Organizations including the Chair, two Vice Chairs. The liaisons were also included as were past Chairs.

  Heidi Ullrich: (09:14) Under Maureen, the ALT will be expanded into the At-Large Leadership Team.

  Heidi Ullrich: (09:15) The new approach is designed to be more inclusive, bottom up and allow for delegation.

  Heidi Ullrich: (09:15) It also will include the Regional At-Large Organation (RALO) Chairs to be included in the At-Large leadership team to ensure that the voice of the RALOs is heard.

  Heidi Ullrich: (09:16) This is part of the implementation of the At-Large Review Implementation which called for more inclusiveness for At-Large Structures (ALSes) and individuals.

  Heidi Ullrich: (09:17) So there is an ALT + an At-Large Leadership Team.

  Heidi Ullrich: (09:17) Friday, 26 October is the At-Large Leadership Development Session 9-12

  Joanna Kulesza: (09:20) Is the ALT Barcelona meeting open to us (non-ALTmembers as well)?

  Maureen Hilyard: (09:21) Yes Joanna.. ALT (At-Large LT) meetings are open to the ALAC although they don't have speaking rights as such

  Joanna Kulesza: (09:21) got it, thank you

  Evin Erdogdu: (09:24) For reference - ALAC and RALO Elections, Selections, and Appointments workspace:

  Joanna Kulesza: (09:24) I'm happy to listen, will reserve my speaking for BCL :)

  Gisella Gruber: (09:25) ALAC Main Wiki portal where meetings are posted:

  Heidi Ullrich: (09:25) Policy Advice Development Page:

  Heidi Ullrich: (09:26) This is a key wiki space.

  Evin Erdogdu: (09:27) At-Large Website policy summary for latest status updates:

  Evin Erdogdu: (09:28) Policy development workspace, where statement drafts are developed:

  Evin Erdogdu: (09:28) Working Groups (WGs) are on the main page; scroll down:

  Joanna Kulesza: (09:29) if you could share the ppt that would be great, thanks!

  Evin Erdogdu: (09:29) This is the wiki workspace for WGs, where call agendas are posted:

  Joanna Kulesza: (09:29) *pdf

  Joanna Kulesza: (09:33) :)

  Marita Moll: (09:35) not getting the pics

  Joanna Kulesza: (09:35) <you can download the pdf Marita - all the pics are in there>

  Marita Moll: (09:35) oh, I found it

  Joanna Kulesza: (09:38) was just going to ask you to possibly set together a list of "recommended" events - thank you for planning ahead for us:)

  Gisella Gruber: (09:39) @ Joanna - you will have a comprehensive list of meetings and on the ground, I also send out a daily reminder every afternoon for the following day

  Joanna Kulesza: (09:41) thank you so much! makes me much less worried about missing something really important!

  Maureen Hilyard: (09:41) The staff is very organised. .. and help us to be organised as well.. a great team

  Joanna Kulesza: (09:49) yes, thank you for the invitation

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