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  Vanda Scartezini: (10:39) hy everyone. abck again to this session. Nice to see you all around!

  Yesim Nazlar: (10:50) Hi Vanda, nice to see you too!

  Vanda Scartezini: (10:51) likewise Yesim

  Vanda Scartezini: (10:57)  Visa was a problem for many members of ICANN last meeitn in Canada ena we need to take care of this beforehand to avoid last minutes problems

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (11:01) Yes we must be aware of lessons learned from previous Summits, especially regarding Visas the advantage woud be that Canada is an known not unknown, so we are forwarned.

  Bartlett Morgan: (11:03) +1

  Vanda Scartezini: (11:04) Yes, Eduardo a requirements shall be post in place

  Vanda Scartezini: (11:07) we need to be realistic on budget requirements

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (11:08) One of the things we were hoping to start initial discussions on today was thinking on selection of participants, with the limited time available to us today  I doubt we will got to (or get far into) that so let's please do start a discussion on the Wiki pages that are dedicated to this topic

  Vanda Scartezini: (11:08) agree with Tijani. we need more time to discuss all items but it is relevant to raise today the item

  Vanda Scartezini: (11:12) + 1 Cheryl

  Vanda Scartezini: (11:15) i beleive we will need a very ranking criteria to allow us to be fair and select the available number .

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (11:17) These are all great thoughts and ideas and we *must*  make sure that we continue ideas, points and counterpoints to all of these as well SUggetsions will be open in the WIKI **soon**  

  Vanda Scartezini: (11:18) yes Satish.

  Vanda Scartezini: (11:19) < comment > I remember I got a sponsor from PIR for our lunch time  , so lets work on this too <comment>

  Vanda Scartezini: (11:20) but we can get more sponsorship after we have  the content of the meeting

  Vanda Scartezini: (11:21) great idea from Montreal

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr (CLO): (11:21) THANKS everyone  **LOTS** more work to come!

  Vanda Scartezini: (11:22) thank you olivier

  Yesim Nazlar: (11:22) Thank you for your participation. The meeting is now adjourned.

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