Yesim Nazlar: (6/26/2018 13:29) Hello, my name is Yeşim Nazlar and I will be monitoring this chat room. In this role, I am the voice for the remote participants, ensuring that they are heard equally with those who are “in-room” participants. When submitting a question that you want me to read out loud on the mic, please provide your name and affiliation if you have one, start your sentence with <QUESTION> and end it with <QUESTION>. When submitting a comment that you want me to read out loud of the mic, once again provide your name and affiliation if you have one then start your sentence with a <COMMENT> and end it with <COMMENT>.  Text outside these quotes will be considered as part of “chat” and will not be read out loud on the mic. Any questions or comments provided outside of the session time will not be read aloud. Please note that audio is available in French and Spanish. All chat sessions are being archived and follow the ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior:

  Marita Moll: (13:44) (cinnent) I have tried it occasionally -- Telecommunities Canada (comment)

  Marita Moll: (13:46) (comment) and I intend to do more of that in the coming year.(comment)

  Sébastien (ALAC): (13:47) Can we have the link of the document?

  Marita Moll: (13:50) (comment) Not good enough to bring people in. They need to be supported. I have had reports of people getting engaged and getting discouraged (comment)

  Marita Moll: (13:58) (question) what would be the motivation for anyone to be an als member rather than an individual member. Sounds easier to be an individual member. No need to reach out to anyone (question)

  John Laprise (ALAC): (14:00) It may be the case that some people prefer joining a local ALS and want that support. It may also be the case that some people may join the ALS and then learn of ICANN.

  Marita Moll: (14:06) @John -- I don't really get it. ALAC is supposed to do outreach. How can you do outreach without the ALSs? Individuals will do work on policy but they won't do outreach. And some people will be expected to do both.

  John Laprise (ALAC): (14:11) The same way that people learn with different styles. Independently minded ones may seek out without ALS, others may want to work with/through ALS. It's a uestion of personal preference.

  Marita Moll: (14:19) Yes, I like the feet on the ground analogy. Telecommunities Canada has had quite a few active ICANN members over the years. We seem to be downgrading that

  Heidi Ullrich: (14:34) Full Board Resolution on the At-Large Review: Board resolution on the At-Large Review:

  Heidi Ullrich: (14:45) At-Large Review  2008-2012 -

  Heidi Ullrich: (15:03) Staff will creating the new Review Implementation Workspace shortly.

  Yesim Nazlar: (15:06) Thank you for your participation. The meeting is now adjourned.

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