This page only reflects leadership meeting action items from 29 August 2018 onwards. 


Item #Source of RequestDate of RequestAction Item RequestAction Owner

Anticipated Completion Date

156Meeting19 Aug 2019Staff to work to arrange a meeting with SMEs on WHOIS in Montreal.ICANN org1 Nov 2019
155Meeting19 Aug 2019Staff to update fact sheets based on leadership comments and recirculate to leadership list for review and discussion.ICANN org21 Aug 2019
143Meeting17 Jun 2019Leadership Team to draft the skills and requirements for the a policy researcher to be hired as soon as possible. Leadership team19 Jul 2019
142Meeting17 Jun 2019Staff to share with the leadership team the steps that the leadership team will go through with hiring the external contractorICANN org23 Jun 2019


Item #Source of RequestDate of RequestAction Item RequestAction Owner

Anticipated Completion Date

Completed ResponseCompletion Date
154 Meeting19 Aug 2019Staff to cancel the 21 August meeting, Russ will send a note to the team.ICANN org, Russ19 Aug 2019Email sent to team, call cancelled.19 Aug 2019
153Meeting12 Aug 2019Russ to send note to leadership team regarding location of meeting in DC in SeptemberRuss13 Aug 2019Shared via email12 Aug 2019
152Meeting12 Aug 2019Jennifer to send out the note to the team members with the action items again and outstanding recommendationsICANN org13 Aug 2019Shared via email12 Aug 2019
148Meeting8 Jul 2019Add the 'Compliance' item to discussion on next week's plenary callICANN org24 Jul 2019Discussed on 7 Aug plenary7 Aug 2019
151Meeting15 Jul 2019Russ to share strawman proposal re: timeline with the review teamRuss17 Jul 2019Shared via email.17 Jul 2019
150Meeting8 Jul 2019Denise to connect with Norm on Centre of excellence to see if it’s ready for discussion on Thursday, and circle back with leadership list to confirm - will be added to the agenda for ThursdayDenise11 Jul 2019Update provided to the team - item not ready for discussion.15 Jul 2019
149Meeting8 Jul 2019Laurin to coordinate a call with those working on compliance item in the coming week. Laurin17 Jul 2019Meeting taking place 15 Jul15 Jul 2019
147Meeting8 Jul 2019Share the Doodle poll results with the team on the call on Thursday.ICANN org10 Jul 2019Added to the 11 Jul agenda10 Jul 2019
146Meeting8 Jul 2019Leadership team to make a decision as to whether to send the document outline to the review team Leadership team10 Jul 2019Outline circulated to review team via email.10 Jul 2019
79Meeting17 Dec 2018

Denise to draft paragraph for Workstream 5 for final report and share with the plenary team.

Denise17 May 2019Item to be revisited10 Jul 2019
141Meeting10 Jun 2019Lauren to send a note to get the team members involved together on the follow-up to the Compliance discussion to determine next stepsLaurin17 Jun 2019See compliance text Google doc for latest write up.1 Jul 2019
145Meeting17 Jun 2019Staff to move forward with hiring the technical writer candidate that was provided to the leadership team last week.ICANN org17 Jun 2019Staff moving forward with contracting.17 Jun 2019
144Meeting17 Jun 2019Leadership call for 1 July to be scheduled but plenary for 4 July to be cancelled.ICANN org17 Jun 2019Actioned by ICANN org.17 Jun 2019
140Meeting3 Jun 2019Larisa to explore options with HR to re-open discussions with Angie and seeing if there is a path forward. Larisa to provide an update on this at close of business today.ICANN org3 Jun 2019Email sent off list 3 Jun 2019
139Meeting28 May 2019Denise to follow up with Kerry-Ann regarding compliance questions for ICANN org, and share the questions with org.Denise30 May 2019Shared via email29 May 2019
138Meeting28 May 2019Leadership team to share any updates to the workplan via email by end of day 28 May. If none received, Jennifer to share with review team on 29 May 2019.Leadership team/ ICANN org29 May 2019Shared with review team via email.29 May 2019
137Meeting13 May 2019Staff to share RDS report with technical writer for reference.ICANN org17 May 2019Shared off-list.15 May 2019
136Meeting13 May 2019

Denise to circulate the RDS report to staff off-list, to be added to the technical writer's reading list

Denise14 May 2019Shared via email off-list14 May 2019
135Meeting13 May 2019

Staff to share the draft Brussels agenda to the team.

ICANN org14 May 2019Shared via email14 May 2019
134Meeting6 May 2019

Staff to look into the possibility of the Technical Writer to be able to join the plenary call on Thursday, 08 May and leadership call on Monday, 13 May.

ICANN org10 May 2019Staff provided update via email.13 May 2019
133Meeting6 May 2019

Russ to do a first pass of the topic briefs and put the proposal to the chairs for discussion 

Russ9 May 2019Shared with leadership via email.10 May 2019
105Meeting11 Feb 2019Staff to send answers to the questions to the list, and identify the RT members who had volunteered for the relevant topicsICANN org17 May 2019See action 356 on the plenary tracking tool.9 May 2019
132Meeting6 May 2019

Chairs to put together a list of reading material for the Technical Writer to come up to speed.

Leadership team10 May 2019Team discussed via email.8 May 2019
131Meeting29 Apr 2019Laurin will send a note to Zarko and Denise regarding the SSR1 implementation workLaurin30 Apr 2019Laurin reported action item complete but no response6 May 2019
130Meeting29 Apr 2019Leadership team will discuss further on email regarding the Technical WriterLeadership team30 Apr 2019Review team picked candidate B. See email.30 Apr 2019
125Meeting8 Apr 2019Denise to take the lead on the check on SSR1 work to bring back to Zarko and Laurin.Denise17 May 2019Replaced by action 13129 Apr 2019
126Meeting15 Apr 2019

Staff to ask for a summary or grid of candidates interviewed as much as can be provided for the technical writer to the leadership team.

ICANN org25 Apr 2019Summary of candidates shared via email.26 Apr 2019
128Meeting15 Apr 2019Staff to pull out questions that are outstanding from staff and clarifications in one emailICANN org18 Apr 2019Sent via email.17 Apr 2019
127Meeting15 Apr 2019

Staff to send a Doodle poll to team with 22 and 23 June dates and Brussels dates to get a sense of attendance

ICANN org16 Apr 2019Sent via email16 Apr 2019
129Meeting15 Apr 2019

Russ will send an email to ask those who have blanks on status table to update them

Russ15 Apr 2019Sent via email15 Apr 2019
124Meeting8 Apr 2019Jennifer to action Denise’s email regarding questions and answersICANN org8 Apr 2019Response sent via email15 Apr 2019
123Meeting8 Apr 2019Jennifer to create a table of topics and who the volunteers are to be shared with leadershipICANN org8 Apr 2019Shared via email to Russ8 Apr 2019
122Meeting25 Mar 2019Staff to send an update to the list on the technical writer.ICANN org28 Mar 2019Update provided during 28 Mar plenary call. 28 Mar 2019
121Meeting25 Mar 2019Laurin to coordinate the agenda with the leadership team via email. Laurin27 Mar 2019Complete, agenda sent to list.28 Mar 2019
118Meeting25 Feb 2019Staff to update the technical writer job description based on comments to list, and send to the review team to outline how we are moving forward. Staff to then share this internally. ICANN org1 Mar 2019Sent to list. 6 Mar 2019
111Meeting20 Feb 2019Staff to block out slots of 1 hour for each working group on two days, Monday and Wednesday..ICANN org5 Mar 2019Shared times and invites on list.6 Mar 2019
117Meeting25 Feb 2019Staff to share draft engagement slides with leadership for initial edits and then team.ICANN org26 Feb 2019Shared on list for edits. 4 Mar 2019
102Meeting11 Feb 2019

Staff to provide in-writing the process for contracting a technical writer and expected timeline for each step in the process.

ICANN org20 Feb 2019Shared on list. 27 Feb 2019
109Meeting20 Feb 2019Staff to check regarding contractors who have been engaged with ICANN in the past year or 2 who have been through the background vetting process.ICANN org28 Feb 2019Shared on list. 27 Feb 2019
108Meeting20 Feb 2019Staff to provide information on-list regarding the expected timeline for hiring a technical writer, based on past review experienceICANN org27 Feb 2019Shared on list. 27 Feb 2019
116Meeting25 Feb 2019Russ will follow up to the ICANN64 email with a reminder to do homework. Russ26 Feb 2019Sent to list. 26 Feb 2019
120Meeting25 Feb 2019Move SSR2 leadership call to 9pm UTC next Monday 4th March. ICANN org25 Feb 2019Completed, invite updated25 Feb 2019
119Meeting25 Feb 2019Russ to reach out to Boban re: Thursday discussion on ICANN SSRRuss25 Feb 2019Internally communicated25 Feb 2019
115Meeting25 Feb 2019Staff to share draft ICANN64 agenda with the team.ICANN org26 Feb 2019Shared via email26 Feb 2019
114Meeting20 Feb 2019Russ to reach out to Eric to see if he can lead the group through DNS SSR topics that don't have questions.Russ20 Feb 2019Internally communicated.20 Feb 2019
113Meeting20 Feb 2019Staff to advise meetings team of SSR2 RT request to meet 22-23 June and half day on 27th June at ICANN65 ICANN org20 Feb 2019Internally communicated.20 Feb 2019
112Meeting20 Feb 2019Staff to ask travel team to provide an estimated date as to when to expect the welcome email from ICANN travel.ICANN org21 Feb 2019Travel team sent emails to all RT members.21 Feb 2019
110Meeting20 Feb 2019Leadership to suggest edits to the job description to the list.SSR2 leadership20 Feb 2019Shared to the list20 Feb 2019
102Meeting11 Feb 2019

Staff to provide in-writing the process for contracting a technical writer and expected timeline for each step in the process.

ICANN org20 Feb 2019Replaced by action 10820 Feb 2019
103Meeting11 Feb 2019Leadership team to define in writing the scope of work for the technical writer, and skills, knowledge and expertise that the review team requires.Leadership team19 Feb 2019Draft job description shared with SSR2 via email.20 Feb 2019
107Meeting11 Feb 2019Move next Leadership call to 2pm ET on Wednesday 20th February = 19:00 UTCICANN org11 Feb 2019Invite updated11 Feb 2019
106Meeting11 Feb 2019Russ to reach out to Kerry-Ann to see if she’s available for the call on Thursday, then circle back to staff after the discussion, to confirm Thursday’s agenda.Russ13 Feb 2019Agenda provided to ICANN org13 Feb 2019
104Meeting11 Feb 2019Staff to post blog and share with SO/AC/SG/Cs and BoardICANN org11 Feb 2019Shared via email.13 Feb 2019
71Meeting3 Dec 2018Denise to work with KC regarding KC’s question about the status of DAAR; Determine next steps and circle back to the team and ICANN org.Denise21 Dec 2018Team developed questions involving DAAR during January 2019 LA meeting27 Jan 2019
101Meeting23 Jan 2019Staff to find out about breakout space in the hotel and report back to team.ICANN org23 Jan 2019ICANN org confirmed breakout space opportunities with Meetings team.23 Jan 2019
100Meeting23 Jan 2019Denise to edit the note to GAC based on leadership comments and recirculate to the leadership list.Denise23 Jan 2019Circulated to leadership via email.23 Jan 2019
99Meeting23 Jan 2019Staff to circulate draft agenda to the leadership for any comments  to be circulated to the SSR2 list by EOD todayICANN org23 Jan 2019Circulated to leadership via email. 23 Jan 2019
98Meeting23 Jan 2019Eric to send list of DNS SSR topics to the listEric23 Jan 2019Circulated to list via email. 23 Jan 2019
57Email9 Nov 2018Update wiki with edits proposed by Denise in email and advise leadership of pages that need their attention.ICANN org10 Jan 2019Workstream wiki pages updated.22 Jan 2019
95Meeting14 Jan 2019Move leadership call to same time slot on Tuesday 22nd, if Eric and Denise agree. Staff to send email to the leadership list to confirm ok.ICANN org15 Jan 2019Next leadership meeting 23 January 201922 Jan 2019
97Meeting14 Jan 2019

Russ to send a note to RT regarding proposed agenda items for the LA meeting for RT input.

Russ17 Jan 2019Leadership team will determine draft agenda during 23 January leadership call.17 Jan 2019
88Meeting7 Jan 2019Staff to put together a draft agenda for the January f2f meeting, based on input from the 10 January plenary meeting. ICANN org18 Jan 2019Leadership team will determine draft agenda during 23 January leadership call.17 Jan 2019
94Meeting14 Jan 2019

Russ to let Eric know that DNS SSR workstream is on Thursday's agenda, and ask him to lead the discussion.

Russ15 Jan 2019Eric provided an overview during 17 Jan plenary meeting. 17 Jan 2019
93Meeting14 Jan 2019Laurin & Russ to work through the Google document of SSR1 recommendations to prepare text for team to review. Laurin to startRuss, Laurin17 Jan 2019Overview provided during 17 Jan plenary meeting.17 Jan 2019
77Meeting17 Dec 2018

Staff to research options for a team dinner in LA on either Friday or Saturday night 25/26 January. 

ICANN org24 Jan 2019Dinner confirmed for 25 January.16 Jan 2019
96Meeting14 Jan 2019Russ to send a note to re: attendance to individual RT member.Russ17 Jan 2019Russ sent note offline14 Jan 2019
91Meeting7 Jan 2019Russ to ask Boban cc Zarko for thoughts on how to proceed with the ICANN SSR report text writing.Russ10 Jan 2019Russ relayed response from Boban during 14 Jan leadership meeting. ICANN SSR added to agenda of 17 Jan plenary meeting.14 Jan 2019
92Meeting7 Jan 2019

Staff to put together revised attendance data ahead of the plenary meeting on Thursday.

ICANN org10 Jan 2019Attendance shared via email.14 Jan 2019
89Meeting7 Jan 2019Staff to circulate a Doodle poll to the Review Team to ask, if a f2f meeting is needed after Kobe, what is your availability.ICANN org10 Jan 2019Doodle poll circulated via email.10 Jan 2019
87Meeting7 Jan 2019Staff to follow up with ICANN travel regarding Kobe and LA meetings to ensure all travelers have received confirmation and flights are booked.ICANN org9 Jan 2019Staff followed up with ICANN travel and is working with them on an ongoing basis.10 Jan 2019
90Meeting7 Jan 2019Russ to send a reply to his previous note to suggest that anyone who has time to put text in the Google doc to do so, for other team members to edit.Russ8 Jan 2019Note sent via email.7 Jan 2019
84Meeting17 Dec 2018

Staff to draft a note for leadership team to be sent to individual members as appropriate regarding participation

ICANN org4 Jan 2019Shared via email.8 Jan 2019
86Meeting17 Dec 2018

F2F meeting in 2019 after Kobe - add to first leadership meeting in 2019 and January f2f meeting.

ICANN org7 Jan 2019Added to the agenda of 7 Jan leadership call.7 Jan 2019
80Meeting17 Dec 2018Denise will send her comments and questions to the list regarding the Fact Sheet. Denise21 Dec 2019Fact Sheet posted as no comments received21 Dec 2018
83Meeting17 Dec 2018

Staff to double-check participation fact sheet for accuracy and update according to comments on the leadership call.

ICANN org20 Dec 2018Updated version circulated via email.20 Dec 2018
85Meeting17 Dec 2018

Staff to remind team members of the call calendar for the coming weeks. 

ICANN org20 Dec 2018Provided on 20 Dec meeting.20 Dec 2018
81Meeting17 Dec 2018

Staff to recirculate the draft report template (discussed in November) to leadership list for final edits - Denise is penholder.

ICANN org/Denise21 Dec 2018Circulated via email.19 Dec 2018
76Meeting17 Dec 2018

Staff to send a reminder to  team members to respond to ICANN travel  welcome email  before Friday if possible and book flights ASAP.

ICANN org18 Dec 2018Email sent.18 Dec 2018
78Meeting17 Dec 2018

Staff to edit the work plan based on comments on leadership meeting and circulate to the review team ahead of the plenary call and add agenda item for review team to approve on Thursday for posting to the wiki.

ICANN org18 Dec 2018Updated work plan sent to team.18 Dec 2018
82Meeting17 Dec 2018

 Russ to send KC a note regarding her email to the list, for clarification.

Russ18 Dec 2018Email sent to list17 Dec 2018
75Meeting17 Dec 2018

Staff to resend calendar invites to Denise and ask travel team to check that they have the right emai address for her.

ICANN org17 Dec 2018Calendar invites sent and address confirmed with travel team.17 Dec 2018
52Meeting5 Nov 2018

Staff to continue to pursue answers to the ICANN SSR questions outstanding.from LA meeting.

ICANN org21 Dec 2018Answers are tracked on the subgroup page. 17 Dec 2018
74Meeting3 Dec 2018Staff to send 2019 call invites beginning w/leadership call on 7th January, plenary call 10th JanICANN org4 Dec 2018Calendar invites sent to team10 Dec 2018
70Meeting26 Nov 2018

Staff to provide cost estimates of the Vancouver vs. LA f2f meeting in January.

ICANN org4 Dec 2018Provided via email and presented during plenary #53.7 Dec 2018
72Meeting3 Dec 2018Laurin to clean up the SSR1 preamble text, lock Google doc to edits and send draft note to the leadership team. Note to include mention of the various calls/email discussions/ opportunities team members have had to share input to the text. Thank members who have contributed, call for any minority statements to be raised.Laurin5 Dec 2018Circulated via email.5 Dec 2018
73Meeting3 Dec 2018Russ to send a follow-up email to the team to provide some more clarity re: action item for workstream rapporteurs to produce a draft methodology for team feedback.Russ3 Dec 2018Russ worked with rapporteurs offline. Item added to plenary #54 agenda.
69Meeting26 Nov 2018

Staff to put in a request for RT meeting on the 8-9 March 2019, schedule outreach session during the meeting week, and plan a wrap-up meeting on the last day of the meeting.

ICANN org27 Nov 2018Request sent to meetings team.27 Nov 2018
68Meeting26 Nov 2018

Laurin to modify the methodology document on SSR1 based on the discussion with the leadership team and RT comments

Laurin28 Nov 2018Google document updated for 29 Nov call28 Nov 2018
66Meeting19 Nov 2018

Laurin to write up a description of the methodology regarding SSR1 and circulate to the team for comment. Once consensus is reached on the methodology, team members who drafted the findings for SSR1 will be asked to draft text for the report. Team will hold a consensus call to determine agreed text.

Laurin, RT20 Nov 2018Document circulated to team.22 Nov 2018
67Meeting19 Nov 2018

Staff to contact team members who have connectivity issues to offer to have a 1:1 session with Brenda to test audio ahead of the next plenary meeting. 

ICANN org29 Nov 2018Team members asked to schedule 1:1 if they have had trouble connecting.19 Nov 2018
60Meeting12 Nov 2018

Staff to draft a note that Russ can send to the team outlining; who holds the pen on drafting text for each SSR1 recommendation, date by which the draft text is due, timeline for team review of draft text and creation of draft text for the report.

ICANN org16 Nov 2018Replaced by action item19 Nov 2018
61Meeting12 Nov 2018

Staff/leadership to add SSR1 recommendations work check-in to agenda of team call, to allow team members to raise any questions, issues, clarifications etc.

ICANN org/leadership14 Nov 2018Discussed during 15 Nov plenary.15 Nov 2018
65Meeting12 Nov 2018

Leadership to review draft agenda for Thursday 15 November plenary call, and edit as appropriate by 09:00 UTC on Wednesday 14 November.

Leadership14 Nov 2018No edits received. Draft agenda circulated to team.14 Nov 2018
64Meeting12 Nov 2018

Staff to circulate leadership action items and draft Thursday plenary agenda to leadership list.

ICANN org13 Nov 2018Sent via email13 Nov 2018
63Meeting12 Nov 2018

Staff to create a Doodle poll of Jan/Feb 2019 dates and cities being considered for the face-to-face meeting and circulate to team.

ICANN org13 Nov 2018Sent via email13 Nov 2018
62Meeting12 Nov 2018

Eric to send a note to staff with dates he is unavailable to attend a face-to-face meeting in January & February 2019.

Eric12 Nov 2018Sent via email.12 Nov 2018
59Meeting12 Nov 2018

Eric to send updated work plan to the team with a call for any objections to reverting to the new names to be raised within 24 hours.

Eric12 Nov 2018Sent via email12 Nov 2018
58Meeting12 Nov 2018

Jennifer to update the work plan to reflect the proposed reversion to workstream names ‘ICANN SSR’ and ‘DNS SSR’, and send updated version to Eric for inclusion in his note to team.

Jennifer12 Nov 2018Sent via email12 Nov 2018
51Meeting5 Nov 2018Staff to draft note for Board/SO/AC Chairs to let them know the work plan is adopted and point them to the location of work plan. Share draft with leadership ASAPICANN org8 Nov 2018Sent via email.9 Nov 2018
56Meeting5 Nov 2018

Staff to re-circulate the work stream report template ahead of call incorporating red line edits. 

ICANN org7 Nov 2018Sent via email.7 Nov 2018
54Meeting5 Nov 2018

Staff to notify team that we are updating the calendar invite of the plenary call per daylight savings time

ICANN org6 Nov 2018Sent via email7 Nov 2018
55Meeting5 Nov 2018

Laurin to send note to Boban & KC to ask if they can address ICANN SSR or DNS SSR workstream on the call.

Laurin6 Nov 2018Email sent off-list6 Nov 2018
53Meeting5 Nov 2018

Staff to cancel 22 November plenary call.

ICANN org5 Nov 2018Cancellation processed.5 Nov 2018
50Meeting5 Nov 2018

Laurin to email Naveed to find out work plan progress

Laurin5 Nov 2018Naveed updated Laurin: Work plan will be shared within 24 hours.5 Nov 2018
49Meeting5 Nov 2018

Staff to share blog with RT for FYI first thing tomorrow and schedule for posting this week.

ICANN org6 Nov 2018
6 Nov 2018
48Meeting5 Nov 2018Leadership team to provide edits to the blog by COB today. Leadership5 Nov 2018COB reached.5 Nov 2018
47Meeting29 Oct 2018 Staff to provide update to team regarding the Jan/Feb 2019 face-to-face meeting on Thursday's meetingICANN org1 Nov 2018Another update to be provided next week.1 Nov 2018
44Meeting29 Oct 2018Staff shared action items from Barcelona f2f with leadership via email for any edits prior to circulating to the team. Leadership31 Oct 2018No feedback from leadership, circulated to RT via email.31 Oct 2018
46Meeting29 Oct 2018Russ to ask RT members to review text in the SSR1 recommendations document and flesh out any additional information by end of this week. Russ29 Oct 2018Sent via email.29 Oct 2018
45Meeting29 Oct 2018Russ to send a note to team asking them to Review outward facing topics in the work streams Google doc and items on the sub group wiki page.  Russ29 Oct 2018Sent via email.29 Oct 2018
43Meeting15 Oct 2018

Staff to request 2 day face-to-face meeting and engagement session in Kobe. Staff to send information to the list to confirm. 

ICANN org19 Oct 2018Replaced by action item 258. 24 Oct 2018
36Meeting15 Oct 2018

Staff to make updates to slides and send new version of slides to leadership based on edits discussed on call.

ICANN org16 Oct 2018Sent via email.17 Oct 2018
37Meeting15 Oct 2018Denise will share the draft workplan on the list for RT feedback, with the aim of finalizing on Sunday morning in BarcelonaDenise16 Oct 2018Sent via email16 Oct 2018
39Meeting15 Oct 2018

Staff to book team dinner for 21 October and send a hold note to team

ICANN org16 Oct 2018Dinner invite sent.16 Oct 2018
40Meeting15 Oct 2018

Staff to send out invite to SO/AC/SG/C leaders, copy SSR2 leadership

ICANN org16 Oct 2018Invite sent.16 Oct 2018
41Meeting15 Oct 2018

Staff to share the draft meeting agenda with SSR2 leadership email list

ICANN org16 Oct 2018Draft shared via email.16 Oct 2018
38Meeting15 Oct 2018

Russ to send a note to Kerry-Ann and Boban to ask them if they will facilitate the discussion on workstreams 2 and 4. Eric to facilitate discussion on workstream 3.

Russ15 Oct 2018Email sent off-list.15 Oct 2018
42Meeting15 Oct 2018

Russ will send a note to the RT as an update to last week's email re: Doodle poll

Russ15 Oct 2018Email sent.15 Oct 2018
32Meeting10 Oct 2018

Staff to add links to background information page, SSR1 report to the SSR1 Recommendations list. 

ICANN org17 Oct 2018Staff confirmed all requested details in Google doc had been included during leadership meeting15 Oct 2018
28Meeting10 Oct 2018

Leadership to discuss agenda for F2F meeting in the next leadership call

SSR2 leadership15 Oct 2018Draft agenda created during leadership meeting.15 Oct 2018
33Meeting10 Oct 2018

Staff to convert the SSR1 Recommendation document into a google doc, and add the name(s) of RT members to each recommendation, as appropriate. 

ICANN org17 Oct 2018Google doc updated with names of RT member volunteers.15 Oct 2018
35Meeting10 Oct 2018

Staff to put a list together of RT participation since the beginning of SSR2 Review.

ICANN org17 Oct 2018Shared via email15 Oct 2018
29Meeting10 Oct 2018

Staff to start the slide deck for engagement session @ ICANN63. 

ICANN org16 Oct 2018Draft sent via email.12 Oct 2018
27Meeting10 Oct 2018

Staff to start note to SO/ACs to invite them to engagement session in Barcelona.

ICANN org15 Oct 2018Draft email sent to leadership.11 Oct 2018
34Meeting10 Oct 2018

Cancel plenary call scheduled for 18 October 2018.

ICANN org10 Oct 2018Cancellation sent.10 Oct 2018
31Meeting10 Oct 2018

Russ to send a note to the RT about RT members signing up for SSR1 Recommendations

Russ10 Oct 2018Email sent to RT.10 Oct 2018
30Meeting10 Oct 2018

Staff to check with Travel constituency team on hotel reservations for Barcelona.

ICANN org11 Oct 2018CT confirmed hotel confirmations sent to RT with some exceptions explained.10 Oct 2018
26Meeting10 Oct 2018

Russ to send a note to Alain regarding approach to review of SSR1. 

SSR2 leadership10 Oct 2018Email sent to Alain.10 Oct 2018
24Meeting1 Oct 2018

Leadership to draft a note to SO/AC/SG/C leaders, to invite them to attend the session in Barcelona.

SSR2 leadership10 Oct 2018Replaced by action item 2710 Oct 2018
14Meeting24 Sep 2018Staff to set up a Google doc and grant edit rights to review team members only. ICANN org27 Sep 2018Replaced by action item 3310 Oct 2018
9Meeting 10 Sep 2018

Add Barcelona meeting objectives to next weeks' call (20th September) - pushed back by 1 week to 27th September.

ICANN org / SSR2 leadership24 Sep 2018Replaced by action item 2810 Oct 2018
21Meeting1 Oct 2018

Staff to ask CCT members to attend SSR2 f2f meeting day 2 afternoon, based on availability, to discuss intersections between CCT and SSR2 mandate. Right after lunch preferable (include link to ToR and copy SSR2 leadership)

ICANN org3 Oct 2018Invite sent to CCT.9 Oct 2018
20Meeting1 Oct 2018

Staff to send draft email re: CCT discussion in Barcelona to SSR2 leadership.

ICANN org3 Oct 2018Draft email sent to leadership4 Oct 2018
22Meeting1 Oct 2018

Staff to provide ETAs for all outstanding questions re: SSR1 recommendations

ICANN org4 Oct 2018Staff provided an update during 4 Oct meeting4 Oct 2018
25Meeting1 Oct 2018

Denise, Eric & Laurin to each take one SSR1 recommendation to lead during the call on Thursday (to discuss in more detail via email) and update the Doodle poll based on the recs chosen.

Denise, Eric, Laurin4 Oct 2018Addressed during 4 Oct meeting.4 Oct 2018
23Meeting1 Oct 2018

Staff to let meetings team know that a 60-minute engagement session would be acceptable and that Monday is the preferred schedule day 

ICANN org1 Oct 2018ICANN org shared this information as requested1 Oct 2018
19Meeting24 Sep 2018Denise will liaise with CCT-RT members to confirm best time slot to meet with SSR2 in Barcelona Denise4 Oct 2018Replaced by action items 20 & 211 Oct 2018
17Meeting24 Sep 2018Staff to ask SO/AC/SG/Cs/Board to provide - at minimum - written confirmation that they received the ToR update ICANN org27 Sep 2018Email sent to leadership1 Oct 2018
15Meeting24 Sep 2018Staff to add the next 5 recommendations to the table and indicate for each recommendation which ones still have outstanding questions. ICANN org27 Sep 2018Circulated via email 26 Sep 2018
18Meeting24 Sep 2018

Staff to respond on-list to Denise's email re: SSR1 and provide answers to the questions:

1. When can we expect answers, or an ETA for answers, for outstanding questions? In particular, can we have answers relevant to Recs 1-5 before our next call?

2. In reviewing the answers that have been provided, I see that several answers re-state what was said in the briefing related to the recommendation. While I appreciate the summary (rather than just a link to a meeting recording), the questions were follow-ups to the briefings (note the dates; in some cases the briefings were the genesis for the questions). In addition to referencing statements in the briefings, would you please ask relevant staff to consider the questions and whether more specific answers (with links) could be provided?

3. It would be useful if you would please include relevant Q&As in the material you provide the team in advance of our calls addressing recommendations.

ICANN org25 Sep 2018Response sent via email.26 Sep 2018
16Meeting24 Sep 2018Staff to work with meetings to see if there is an alternative time slot that the team may have the engagement session.ICANN org27 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018
13Meeting17 Sep 2018

Staff to follow up to confirm SO/ACs/SG/Cs & Board received the Terms of Reference

ICANN org20 Sep 2018Follow-up notes sent to ICANN policy support staff20 Sep 2018
11Meeting17 Sep 2018Staff to complete the ‘what was done’ part of the SSR1 implementation table for the first five recommendations ahead of the meeting on Thursday.ICANN org20 Sep 2018Circulated via email.19 Sep 2018
12Meeting17 Sep 2018

Steve to share information on the DNS Root KSK roll

Steve24 Sep 2018Initial information shared via email. More to be shared as available.17 Sep 2018
4Meeting5 Sep 2018Staff to ask CCT reps whether they have availability to attend a SSR2 session in Barcelona to provide an overview of recommendations of interest. ICANN org2 Oct 2018Replaced by action item13 Sep 2018
8Meeting 10 Sep 2018

Staff to post the questions table ahead of the SSR2 meeting on Thursday and populate dates from SMEs.

ICANN org13 Sep 2018Table posted here to be populated with dates as received.13 Sep 2018
10Meeting 10 Sep 2018

Denise to circulate outreach/comms plan to list ahead of SSR2 call.

Denise13 Sep 2018Circulated via email.13 Sep 2018
7Meeting 10 Sep 2018

Russ to circulate the latest table as agreed by leadership to the review team.

Russ10 Sep 2018Circulated via email.10 Sep 2018

5 Sep 2018

Staff to send information to SSR2 regarding RDS-WHOIS2 webinars.

ICANN org7 Sep 2018Circulated via email.6 Sep 2018
6Meeting5 Sep 2018

Russ to send a note to team explicitly asking team members to review SSR1 recs.

ICANN org5 Sep 2018Circulated via email.5 Sep 2018
5Meeting5 Sep 2018Staff to prepare slides for tomorrow's SSR2 meeting re: SSR1 questions and recommendationsICANN org5 Sep 2018Circulated to RT via email.5 Sep 2018

29 Aug 2018

Staff to circulate a list of questions that are outstanding regarding SSR1 to the team

ICANN org5 Sep 2018Circulated to RT via email.5 Sep 2018
1Meeting29 Aug 2018

Add agenda items to 30 August plenary meeting agenda:

  • Finalize the Terms of Reference and the scope
  • Update regarding SSR1 discussion on the leadership call
  • Discuss the draft communique - team to share feedback
  • Outreach, comms plan - establish a penholder
ICANN org29 Aug 2018Complete

29 Aug 2018

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