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NARALO will organize a showcase event during the ICANN San Franciso meeting in March 2011 to

  • highlight the activites of the ALSes in North America
  • engage in outreach activities for regional Internet user organisations attending San Francisco

Similiar events were held by LACRALO at the ICANN Cartagena meeting, AFRALO at the ICANN Nairobi meeting and by EURALO at the Brussels meeting.

Mandate of the Working Group

A Working Group (WG) has been created to:

  • determine the best date and time and location for the NARALO showcase
  • develop the agenda of the NARALO showcase
    • should there be an overarching theme?
    • who should be invited as the keynote speaker?
    • who will speak at the event?
    • determine the speaking order
    • confirm with ALS representatives who will be present in San Francisco to give a brief presentation of their ALS
  • organize and collect materials from ALL ALSes needed for the showcase (including text for ALS Fact Sheets, posters, brochures etc.)
  • decide how the material will be presented


Beau Brendler

Gordon Chillcott

Eduardo Diaz

Annalisa Roger

Gareth Shearman

Allan Skuce

Darlene Thompson

Chris Grundemann

Reference Material:

Proposed Showcase  Schedule

Proposed Showcase Agenda

Proposed Showcase Showflow (detailed agenda)

Proposed Showcase Budget


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17 February 2011

10 February 2011

03 February 2011

26 January 2011

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