NARALO Monthly Teleconference 

Date: Monday, 09 December 2013

Time: 20:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

How can I participate in this meeting? 1(800)550-6865, Teleconference ID: 1638

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Attendees: Garth Bruen, Glenn McKnight, Gordon Chillcott, Kerry Brown, Allan Skuce, Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Alan Greenberg, Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Eduardo Diaz, Seth Reiss, Evan Leibovitch, Avri Doria

Apologies: none

Staff:  Heidi Ullrich,  Silvia Vivanco, Julia Charvolen

Call management: Julia Charvolen

Summary Minutes:    Summary Minutes 09 December 2013

Action Items: Action Items 09 December 2013

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Chat: AC Chat transcript 09 December 2013    

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1. Welcome and Roll call - Staff (2 min)

2. Review of Action Items of Monthly November 2013  - Glenn McKnight  (2 min) 

2.1. Eduardo Diaz is to give NARALO a list of tasks that need or can be completed by volunteers. NARALO officers will attempt to assign these tasks as possible to our membership or otherwise assist in their completion.

2.2. Maureen Hilyard  to send a link to Garth with the questions on Metrics. Garth will then request feedback from all the NARALO ALSes. - completed

2.3. Garth Bruen  to provide the name of the person who will receive the certificate for Gareth Shearman from the Board.- completed. - completed Darlene received certificate

2.4. Puerto Rico ALSes was approved – Regional Advice was reached : Evan, Alan, Glenn, Darlene, Gordon, Garth, Jolie, Thomas, Eduardo voted in favor.-completed

2.5. Garth Bruen  to send an email to staff confirming the Regional Advice. Staff to continue with the accreditation process.- completed

2.6. Alberta Community Association, Darlene mentioned that the association does not exist.  Therefore Garth Bruen  will start the internal process to de-certify.  The next association to be examined will be Consumers Web watch.

2.7. Update on the Native Scholarship/fellowship program from staff - Formal Documentation Requested

2.8. Clarification of the CROPP appointees

2.9.  Decision of the .MOBI appointees. The ALAC and ALT will be reviewing the three candidates for the .MOBI liaison position shortly. They have asked that the candidates send staff relevant information on their qualifications for this position.See posted information on the 2013 ALT and Liaison Selection Workspace.

2.10. Status of new ALS applications

2.10.1 Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS)- vote closing tomorrow Dec 10

2.10.2. Capital Area Globetrotters, staff preparing Due Diligence.

2.11.  Calendar of  Outreach initiatives

2.12.   Transition documents  for  the new secretariat. Glenn's Request:

2.12.1. Database of ALS  - staff

2.12.2. Names of people on working groups - staff

2.12.3. Form letters - Darlene, if any

2.12.4. Timelines for elections - to coordinate with staff

2.12.5. Policies and procedures - see NARALO by laws

2.12.6. In General this must be formalized Cross-RALO so At-Large has efficiency


3. Meetings & Events (5 Minutes)

3.1 BA Recap


4. Review of Communication/Outreach Strategy
5. Our Community (10 Minutes)
6. New gTLDs
7. Committee/Working Group Activity - for All WG/Committee Reports
8.  At-Large Advisory Committee "ALAC" Issues (Olivier, Evan, Eduardo, Alan - 10 Minutes)

8.1 Policy Advice Development Page

9. ICANN Functions (5 Minutes) (Communication Strategy III.5)

10.1 Compliance Tracking

10.1.1 New Issues Emerging Domain Hijacking/Unauthorized Transfers

10.2 Language and Translation

10.2.1: An abstract of the Naralo Monthly Meeting that we could post on our Web site (or RSS it), including some of the documents produced by ICANN, that we discuss and that would be worth translating to attract attention toward NARALO.

10.2.2: Translate RAA and legal documents related to the RAA into French and Spanish

10.2.3: Translations of Registrar/Registry documents in local languages(where the company operates) to avoid consumer disputes.

10.2.4: Staff will provide for future Election instructions en Français and en Espanol

10.3 Travel

10.3.1 All travel-sponsor related issues should be reported or copied to the Chair.

10.3.2 Travel Support Guidelines

10.3.3: On tracking travel-related reimbursement, we need a better tracking system with full-disclosure. Conversations via Skype, etc, can't be tracked.

10.3.4 Reciprocity Refund for BA

10. Any Other Business "AOB" (2 Minutes)

11. Action Items



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