ITEM 001: New agenda for monthly meetings
[Recording: 04 mins ] New agenda format was explained and discussed.
It was agreed that times to be added to each Agenda item
Members shall log in with their affiliation for attendance purposes
[Decision]: Approved by consensus. Closed.

ITEM 006: Creation of Working Groups
[10 mins ]

John Laprise; Leah Symekhler, Susanna Gray - Policy WG
Objective- policies that affect the region

Education WG - Alfredo Calderon will lead. Snip webinars- max 15 mins

Outreach WG- Glenn Mc KNight and Judith Hellerstein- keep track of programs

ITEM 019: [20 mins into the call ] ALAC Finance and Budget Sub-Committee (FBSC)

- Eduardo will participate in the group
- Judith Hellerstein
William Michael Cunningham
- Eduardo to send a confirmation letter (min 32) - closed

ITEM 018: ALAC and the ALAC Appointee Selection Committee (AASC)

- Eduardo to send an email to NARALO's mailing list with a call for membership (36 mins)

ITEM 012: ABR (Additional Budget Request FY19) (37 mins)

ITEM 013: ICANN 61 - two (2) open travel slots

Travel part of budget allocation can be made available

----END ---------------

ITEM 002: 2018 Individual member representative

ITEM 003: 2018 ALS voting Rep & Alternates

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