Claudia Ruiz:Welcome to the NARALO Teleconference Call on Monday, 20 November 2017 at 20:00 UTC

  Claudia Ruiz:

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Isabelle and Aurelie

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Gordon

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome John

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Susannah

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Thank you Claudia!

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Listed?!

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Oh, the official rep is Leah

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):If Leah is not here, then I am alternate.

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Javier

  Javier Rúa-Jovet:hi to all.

  Javier Rúa-Jovet:hi!

  John More:ISOC-DC is a regula r member.  Yes

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome LEah

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):But I think Leah is here. I'm logging off and back on again: terrible echo

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Judith

  judith hellerstein:HI All

  Javier Rúa-Jovet:Gisella, I forbid you to pronunciate all languages perfectly.

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Michael

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Leah and Marita

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Yes, that is correct!

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Leah is main rep, I'm the backup

  Silvia Vivanco:Welcome all

  Leah Symekher:Lah just joined :-)

  Leah Symekher:Leah

  judith hellerstein:Matt is from native public media

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Matt

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Allan

  Allan Skuce:hi

  judith hellerstein:HI allan welcome

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Allan

  Evan:Hi all

  judith hellerstein:It may be destiny

  judith hellerstein:Also Destiny is the ALS rep for ISOC Quebec and not Louis Houle

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Charles

  judith hellerstein:it was changed and I think Ariel corrected it at least she did for the voting

  Marita Moll:Hi Heidi. I see you have me as ISOC Canada. I am here for Telecommmunities Canada. The ISOC canada rep. is Shelley Robertson. She is not here

  Evan:Welcome to our new Chair!

  Silvia Vivanco:New NARALO ROPs:

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Jeremy

  Silvia Vivanco:mentioned by Eduardo

  Jeremy Austin:Thanks, Claudia

  Claudia Ruiz:Welcome Eve

  Eve Edelson:Hello Claudia and all

  Eve Edelson:sound keeps dropping out - my problem only?

  Jeremy Austin:It's working for me, for what that's worth

  judith hellerstein:Yes Eve. I do not have this problem

  judith hellerstein:Hi Jeremy nice to meet you. Which ALS are you with?

  Marita Moll:For me sound is fuzzy and does drop off.

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):better

  judith hellerstein:That is much better

  Marita Moll:Yes, thanks

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Maybe it's helful for people to sign in with their affiliations

  Jeremy Austin:Judith, for now I'm unaffiliated — I met Susannah and a few others at ARIN 40, and I'm working on educating myself at present.

  William Michael Cunningham:No questions. Let's proceed, quickly...

  Alan Greenberg:Estimated time planned per item/.

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Agenda looks good

  Gisella Gruber:Joly McFie has joined the call - welcome !

  Joly MacFie:Apologies for tardity.

  Eve Edelson:Susannah, understood, I will sign in with affiliation in future. (SF-Bay ISOC)

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter)::)

  judith hellerstein:OK so will sign up for that.  Had thought to be on policy but could easily switch

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Yes

  Eve Edelson:no questions, but  the education mini-webinars sound like a good idea!

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):I replied

  Silvia Vivanco:Please ssay your email before speaking

  Leah Symekher:I would also like to be part of the policy group

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):IS my sound really bad

  judith hellerstein:i understood it but it sounds like you are on a speaker phone

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):hmmm very odd: I'm not. Headphones with speaker!

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):I will type my interventions then.

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Silvia, I did say my name, maybe it was cut off.

  Silvia Vivanco:Susannah you cut off

  Javier Rúa-Jovet:no objections

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter)::/

  Silvia Vivanco:for what WG Susannah?

  Marita Moll, Telecom. Cda:Yes, I would second that. I am not sure what we are being asked to join

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Silvia: Eduardo sent me a mail and asked me to join the Policy group. I replied to his email that yes, I am willing to join.

  Joly MacFie:I think Bill's saying it should be on the Confluence.

  Silvia Vivanco:I will add you

  judith hellerstein:We have an echo

  Javier Rúa-Jovet:echooo

  Gordon Chillcott:Clear now

  Javier Rúa-Jovet:better

  Javier Rúa-Jovet:yep its ok

  John More:No echo now.

  Jeremy Austin:When Evan unmutes his mic, we hear echo

  Joly MacFie:Evan was the echo!

  Evan:Mike wasn't working. My concern is about duplication of effort.

  judith hellerstein:It is actually 26 minutes into the call since I guess the timers were not started until 7 minutes after the hour

  Silvia Vivanco:DESCRIPTION: Under the request of Alan Greenberg, Chair of the ALAC and ALAC Finance and Budget Sub-Committee (FBSC), we are issuing a call for members of the 2017-2018 FBSC.  The tasks of the FBSC include but are not limited to: - Coordination of the annual additional Budget Requests from the ALAC and the RALOs that will be filed to go into the yearly ICANN budget- Drafting of any Statement regarding the ICANN Budget Process- Drafting of any Statement regarding the ICANN Strategic Process- Drafting of any Statement regarding ICANN's Operating plan- Issues involving Constituency Travel Budgets

  Evan:What would be in scope of the NARALO policy WG that would not be of interest to all of At-Large globally?

  Alan Greenberg:We are talking about FBSC

  Gisella Gruber:@ Judith, we started the timer at the start of the call, not the top of the hour

  William Michael Cunningham:We were talking AASC, but now we appaer to be on FBSC

  William Michael Cunningham:How much money are we talking about? How large was the budget last year?

  Silvia Vivanco: Need to inform Alan and At-Large staff  by Friday, 24 November at 23:59 UTC who the RALO Member will be from our region.

  Silvia Vivanco:Eduardo and Judith noted

  Heidi Ullrich:HI All, sorry I've been delayed. I'm on the call now.

  Alan Greenberg:There is no fixed budget. There is about $250k for all AC/SOs if I remember correctly.

  William Michael Cunningham:Then what was the total dollar amount for special requests reviewed last year.

  Alan Greenberg:At-Large can expect to get some part of that.

  Silvia Vivanco:say your name

  Silvia Vivanco:please before speaking

  William Michael Cunningham:Got it. Total amount last year was about $250k.

  Alan Greenberg:Please allow the Chair to call on people and not make this a two-way discussion.

  judith hellerstein:Happy to be on this committee

  Heidi Ullrich:@Eduardo, confirming you will be the FBSC RALO rep from NARALO.

  Heidi Ullrich:There is space for participants, Judith

  Silvia Vivanco:DESCRIPTION: Under the request of Alan Greenberg, Chair of the ALAC and the ALAC Appointee Selection Committee (AASC), we are issuing a call for members of the 2018 AASC.The AASC reviews applications for various positions related to the ALAC and makes recommendations to the ALAC on which candidates to appoint or endorse.The AASC is Chaired by the ALAC Chair and is composed of: ·  the ALAC Leadership Team excluding the ALAC Chair (Seun, Maureen, Bastiaan and Bartlett) and one other ALAC Member from the Chair's region; · one member representing each RALO.

  Silvia Vivanco:ITEM 018:  ALAC and the ALAC Appointee Selection Committee (AASC)

  judith hellerstein:Alan said that there can be 2 people appointed to the FBSC

  judith hellerstein:There are usually both from the RALO

  Heidi Ullrich:@Judith - one ALAC and one RALO person

  Heidi Ullrich:no, just one from each

  Heidi Ullrich:but there can be participants

  William Michael Cunningham:Going back to the finance committee, I would like to be on that body. Let me know.

  judith hellerstein:Alan Greenberg said the 2 can be from the RALO

  Heidi Ullrich:or observers

  Heidi Ullrich:There will be two Members per region:- One ALAC member to be selected by the region's ALAC members. Please note that Alan is the Chair of the FBSC and would prefer not to serve as the NARALO ALAC member. - One Member representing the RALO. This will normally be a RALO Chair, Vice-Chair (if the region has such an officer defined) or Secretariat. A RALO may choose someone else to be their official representative, as long as that person is both involved in the selection and preparation of that region's budget requests, and is empowered to act on behalf of the region on the FBSC.

  Silvia Vivanco:ALAC Subcommittee on Appointee Selection:

  Silvia Vivanco:details

  judith hellerstein:@heidi possibly because of that we may have 2 RALO people

  judith hellerstein:possibly but not sure

  judith hellerstein:These item numbers are really very confusing

  Eduardo Diaz:@Judith: It will take a couple of iteration before we all get use to it

  Joly MacFie:I guess they were numbered bfore they were ordered.

  judith hellerstein:Yes I guess so that was why it was confusing

  Eduardo Diaz:@Joly: you are correct

  William Michael Cunningham:Again, I am formally requesting participation on the ALAC Finance and Budget subcommittee. For the record.

  judith hellerstein:Fy 19 starts in July and runs thru June

  Heidi Ullrich:FY19 -

  Eduardo Diaz:@William: Acknowledge

  Silvia Vivanco:I have noted William under the ALAC Finance and Budget Sub-Committee (FBSC) Membership

  judith hellerstein:@heidi-Yes and we got to get moving on the captioning project

  judith hellerstein:Hi Silvia yes I am also interested

  Leah Symekher:Unfortunately, I have a Drs appts at 1pm so will leave Adobe and call in for the remainiing minutes. thx

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Bye Leah!

  judith hellerstein:on continuing on the FBSC

  Silvia Vivanco:@ Judith you are noted as well

  Alan Greenberg:But the request MUST come from the RALO, not individuals.

  Alan Greenberg:Montreal is in FY20

  William Michael Cunningham:Oh, good grief, Alan. Then why bring it up?

  judith hellerstein:I thought atlas 3 is in Kobe, Japan

  Alan Greenberg:@Judith, that was an idea proposed but did not go through.

  judith hellerstein:That was the discretionary funds

  Evan:So the venue for the next ATLAS is Alan's house....

  Alan Greenberg:@William. A request can originate with one person, but must be approved by the RALO to go forward.

  judith hellerstein:The descretionalry funds is only 2,000

  Joly MacFie:Thanks for clariification.

  judith hellerstein:Right Eve!!

  Alan Greenberg:@Evan, yes, I will be hosting several hundred people for all meeting and dinners. NOT!

  Silvia Vivanco:ITEM 013: ICANN 61 - two (2) open travel slots

  Heidi Ullrich:FY18 ABR Implementation Workspace -

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Confused: is the discretionary funds the same as the ABRs?

  Silvia Vivanco:DESCRIPTION: ICANN 61 will be held in Puerto Rico (PR) in March 2018. Eduardo Díaz (NARALO Chair) and Javier Rúa (ALAC NARALO NomCom Appointee) live in PR therefore there will be two open slots for people to attend this event.

  Heidi Ullrich:Please check where NARALO is on their approved requests.

  judith hellerstein:no they are very different

  Heidi Ullrich:One was the GA in New Orleans

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):OK Judith thanks

  Joly MacFie:Finance is obviously a complex topic and probably worthy of it's on NARALO WG!

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):was confused for a moment.

  judith hellerstein:Can we combine the 2 flight 1/2 into one part

  judith hellerstein:I know that is what the GNSO does for their groups

  judith hellerstein:hand up

  Alan Greenberg:I do have to leave now.

  Heidi Ullrich:@Joly, you mentioned the RALO Discretionary Funding Program (An FY18 ABR) -

  judith hellerstein:OK thanks

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):Agenda clear to me: thanks.

  judith hellerstein:yes clear to me but would like it better organized and renumbered

  William Michael Cunningham:Thank you!

  Gordon Chillcott:Thanks and bye for now.

  Susannah Gray (SF-Bay ISOC Chapter):thank you Eduardo!

  Allan Skuce:thanks byr

  Javier Rúa-Jovet:bye1

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