Promote the work of Universal Acceptance  to relevant stakeholders and work closely with the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) and UA Ambassadors.


  1. Develop some metrics to measure the evolution of UA implementation and engagement in the region=> Dashborad
  2. Coordinate efforts with  Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) and others UA working group
  3. Encouraging stakeholders from technology developers, service providers, and policy makers to consider UA implementation
  4. Promoting readiness for Universal Acceptance (UA)  


Zahir Qasrawi (Palestine)
Farooq Hafiz (Pakistan),
Mohamed Nour (Sudan),
Amine Hacha (Lebanon),
Nabeel Yasin (Yeman)
Mouloud Khelif (Algeria)

Chokri Ben Romdhane (Tunisia)

Nabil Benamar (Morroco),
Abdelmonem Galila (Egypt).

ME UA Dashboard:


Kick-off Meeting:28 March 2023

Agenda :

10:00-10:20 UTC: Background and  Goal of the Middle East UA strategy sub group - Chokri Ben Romdhane

10:20-10:40 UTC: Universal Acceptance (UA) of Domain Names and Email Addresses- Fahd Batayneh

10:40-11:00 UTC: Universal Acceptance Measurement  Working Group - Nabil Benamar
11:00-12:00 UTC: Brainstorming session about ME Sub Group activities Subgroup structure and  organization charter, Periodical calls  ,  tools and Metrics....

Presents:  Hana Sabbagh, Zahir Qasrawi  ,Mohamed Nour , Nabeel Yasin ,Chokri Ben Romdhane , Nabil Benamar , Fahd Batayneh

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