Monthly LACRALO Teleconference

Date: 28 April 2011

Time: 21:00 UTC - 22:30 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

Meeting Number: AL.LAC/MT.0411/1

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English: Jessel Ackbarali, Lance HInds, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Cintra Sooknanan

Spanish: Carlos Vera, Aislan Vargas, Wladimir Davlos, Natalia Enciso, Maria Eugenia Mendez, Jose Ovidio Salgueiro, Jose Luis Barzallo

Apologies: Sergio Salinas Porto, Johnny Laureano, Jose Arce, Gladys Farina

Staff: Seth Greene, Matt Ashtiani, Gisella Gruber

A G E N D A (English)

Agenda is in draft form until adopted by the meeting. Some agenda items have documents attached to it. If available, the document is next to the agenda item. Please do not insert text next to agenda items. The agenda will be easier to read without explanatory text attached. If you would like to add text, please create a new page and link it to the agenda item.


Standing Issues

1. Roll Call – Staff (2 mins)

2. Review of Action Items -- Dev T (5 min)

Following are AIs from 14 March 2011 (SF) LACRALO and 05 April Spanish (LA ALS) meetings; no AIs from 06 April English (CB ALS) meeting.

   a)  Dev to add more persons to the new email list for further testing of the new translation engine – Completed 

   b)  Dev to post modifications regarding participation to Bylaw WG for consideration -- Completed

   c)  Fatima, Sergio, Jose Arce to review SWOT C by close of business on Friday, 8 April.

   d)  Dev to post issues out of comment (Geographic Regions WG discussion, PEDNR) in time for next LACRALO call – Completed

Proposed Agenda Items

3. Open Public Consultations -- Dev T (10 min)

Public Consultations on which ALAC is preparing statements or voting:

4. Report from LACRALO's ALAC representatives -- Carlton, Sergio, Sylvia (10 min) 

Recently submitted ALAC statements:

5.  LACRALO election update -- Dev T (10 min)

LACRALO election page

6.  Proposed Participation Clause in LACRALO Bylaws – Dev T (10 min)

LACRALO Bylaw Working Group

Draft Modifications LACRALO Operating Principles 2010

Draft Modifications LACRALO Rules of Procedures 2010

7.  ExCom request for feedback re LACRALO’s communications needs by 6 May -- Olivier (5 min)

  • Determine communication needs (podcasts, etc.).  Examples:  See ICANN's E-Learning page.
  • Determine LACRALO's interest in and capacity to collaborate with ICANN Communications.  Examples:  Assigning members for podcast interviews, etc.
  • AI:  Add feedback for ExCom to RALO Feedback on Communication Needs wiki page by 6 May.

ICANN E-Learning page

8.  Confluence update & guide – Seth (5 min)

Confluence Wiki Guide, 8 March 2011

LACRALO ALS wikis (and AC Room)

9.  Any other business -- Dev T (5 min)

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