This new Workspace is the hub for all updates, documents, and work related to At-Large Improvements Work Team B.


The goal of the ALAC/At-Large Improvements project is to review and improve both ALAC/At-Large’s participation in ICANN and the ALSes’ participation in At-Large. This will be done through the implementation of the 13 recommendations outlined in the At-Large Review Work Group's Final Report and detailed in the Simplified At-Large Improvements Implementation Outline.

We have divided these recommendations among four work teams. Work Team B -- the work team on ALS participation -- is assigned the implementation of the following four recommendations:

Rec 3: Remove any obstacles in ALS-RALO-ALAC structure
Rec 4: ALS education and engagement
Rec 7: ALAC should choose its own communication/collaboration tools
Rec 9: ICANN should strengthen its translation/interpretation tools


The members of Work Team B, organized by regional affiliation, are:



WT B position


Yaovi Atohoun



Baudouin Schombe



Moataz Shaarawy

AFRALO liaison


Michel Tchonang



Fouad Bajwa

WT Co-Chair;
APRALO liaison


Cheryl Langdon-Orr



Sandra Hoferichter



Wolf Ludwig

EURALO liaison


Carlos Aguirre



Jean Marie Altema



Antonio Medina Gómez



Sergio Salinas Porto



Dev Anand Teelucksingh

LACRALO liaison


Gordon Chillcott



Annalisa Roger

WT Co-Chair;
NARALO liaison


Darlene A. Thompson



All four of the At-Large Improvements work teams hold regular conference calls that are:

  • 60 minutes long;
  • Scheduled once every two weeks (once every other week); and
  • Conducted in English.

Work Team B's calls are scheduled for Wednesday's at 1300 UTC.

Next call: 09 March 2011

Previous calls:
23 February 2011
09 February 2011
26 January 2011
12 January 2011
15 December 2010
08 December 2010 - ICANN Cartagena
01 December 2010
17 November 2010
03 November 2010
20 September 2010


WG guidelines

GNSO Working Group Guidelines_ver 5 Feb 2010

ALAC Review

Final Report of the ALAC Review WG on ALAC Improvements

At-Large Improvements

ALAC/At-Large Improvements Project Plan

Status of ALAC Improvements Implementation_rev 6

Simplified At-Large Improvements Outline (complete)

WT B recommendations

WT B At-Large Improvements Outline

WT B status reports

WT B Cartagena Presentation (9 Dec 2010)

WT B San Francisco Presentation (March 2011) a

WT B San Francisco Presentation (March 2011) b

WT B table of recommendations to the ALAC (July 2011)

WT B summary of proposals

WT B Proposals in Development

RALO bylaws and other instruments 

Overview RALO instruments (including bylaws, other instruments, and proposed changes) 

Comparison of RALO participation/membership rules: Wiki Document, Google Document

ALS Survey (2010)

ALS Survey Results' Application to WT B's Recommendations

ALS Survey Analysis: Draft report (Dec 2010)

ALS Survey Analysis:  Presentation (June 2010)

At-Large and RALO Brochures

At-Large and RALO Brochures

Draft ALS Representative Starter Kit

Rec 4:  ALS education and engagement

Cross-Community training program re Rec. 4 (S Hoferichter) 

Discussion paper re ICANN Academy

ICANN Academy proposal (Wolf, Sandra)

WT B technology review

Technology in Use: Problems & Questions

New Technology to Consider

RALO communication needs

RALO feedback for ExCom on communication needs & capacity

For more information

For more information regarding the work of At-Large Improvements Work Team B, please contact:

Seth Greene
At-Large Improvements Project Manager
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

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