At-Large Improvements Project Taskforce 19 December 2011

Date: Monday 19 December 2011

Time: 17:00 UTC - 18:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

Meeting Number: AL.gTLD/MT.1111/1

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Attendees: Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Tijani Ben Jemaa, Natalia Enciso, Yrjö Länsipuro, Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Dave Kissoondoyal, Olivier Crepin-LeblondAbsente: Sala Tamanikaiwaimaro, Darlene ThompsonApologies: Ganesh Kumar,  Sergio Salinas PortoStaff: Gisella Gruber, Matt Ashtiani, Seth Greene, Heidi Ullrich, SIlvia Vivanco, Nathalie Peregrine

- A G E N D A -

Welcome & Attendance (5 min... CLO/Staff)

Brief Review of 'The Story So Far' (5-10 min... CLO/Staff)

  • Review of Summary Minutes and the Action Items from last (3rd) meeting  held on 12-Dec-2011.  
  • At the 3rd AII-TF Meeting  we continued our review and status / next steps allocations each of the ALAC  Review Recommendations in numerical order; as detailed in the Summary Minutes linked above, we have completed recommendations  1 through to 3 at the 1st AII-TF call and begian with Recommendation 4 at the 3rd AII-TF meeting (having substantially completed discussion on parts of  4.2  Line Items 1 and 2 from Taskforce Project Tables.
  • We will continue from line item 3 "Make available to each ALS a Confluence page... ... "   in today's call...  From last calls discussions  we also need to discuss today timing of an initial call for the Technology Workspace (to be lead by Dev Anand Teelucksingh; and also further drafting  the Proposed text v1 for Wiki page about At-Large Calendar

Reference: Abridged Table of Recommendations and Action Items and Key References:   ALAC/At-Large Improvements Implementation Project Plan - 7 June 2010   and   ALAC/At-Large Improvements Project Milestone Report - 9 October 2011 

Discussion/Review of Tasks and Recommendations Status  (40 min... CLO / AII-TF)

  • Continuation of Dicsussion and Assignment of STATUS for the Recommendations FROM  Rec 4...  (Brief Review only using the Full TF Table as well as record (later) on the 'Recs Wiki pages' listed under Resources below)

Note (to Wiki page and Table) any required next steps for completion where required and discussion of next steps and Action Items  for next meeting with regards to each.  (this task will possibly run over several meetings).

Resources: the AII-TF will use existing Work Team pages dedicated to each of the At-Large Improvements Review 13 recommendations (as endorsed by the ICANN Board in June 2009). (click links to parent Wiki pages *** below); Each page contains a summary of the specific work underway in the implementation of that recommendation. Specifically, the following is listed:

  • A summary of the recommendation itself (as stated in the Final Report);
  • A summary of the steps or tasks planned for implementing the recommendation; and
  • The Status COMPLETED / ONGOING/ PENDING / REDUNDANT  or a Target Completion DATE for the recommendation as a whole to be implemented.

In addition, on these pages, visitors can leave comments regarding the implementation of any one of the recommendations.

Finally, each of these pages will link, as needed, to tailored pages that each work team can use in conducting its actual ongoing implementation work (for example, some will link to pages used to collect specific information requested from the At-Large community).

*** Following are direct links to the individual wiki page for each recommendation:

Recommendation 1: ICANN bylaws to reflect ALAC's continuing purpose
Recommendation 2: At-Large-selected ICANN Board member  
Recommendation 3: ALS-RALO-ALAC structure to remain
Recommendation 4: ALS education and engagement
Recommendation 5: Strategic and operational plans
Recommendation 6: Accurate cost models
Recommendation 7: Choice of communication and collaborative tools
Recommendation 8: Public comment period
Recommendation 9: Translation and interpretation processes
Recommendation 10: ALAC/At-Large is home of individual Internet users
Recommendation 11: Board statement recognizing Rec. 10
Recommendation 12: Input from consumer representatives
Recommendation 13: Policy advice mechanisms to be strengthened

Any Other Business / Next Meeting / Discussion of Doodle outcomes (5 min...Cheryl/Staff)