IRT Review: Red Cross names to DNS Label conversion working file:

  1. Names to Label conversion working file: RedCrossNamesLabels_20190524.xlsx

Reference Implementation Documentation

  1. Final publication of the policy: Protection of IGO and INGO Identifiers in All gTLDs Policy
  2. Policy Language Drafts
    1. Protection of IGO and INGO Identifier in All gTLDs Policy v21 20171214.pdf
    2. Documentation
    3. IGO&INGO Identifier Protection draft v19 20171127.pdf
    4. Documentation
    5. Documentation
  3. Draft Implementation Plan for Public Comment
    1.  Documentation
    2. Previous drafts:
      1. Documentation
      2. Documentation Documentation
  4. Summary and Analysis of Public Comment
  5. Protected Identifier List
    1. New Reserved Names List: 
    2. Table for changes to the Reserved Names List:  
  6. Correspondence
    1. Letter to RySG: chang-to-vangelder-28aug17.pdf
  7. Report of Public Comments published for the

    Proposed Implementation of GNSO Consensus Policy Recommendations for the Protection of IGO&INGO Identifiers in All gTLDs

IGO List from GAC


FAQs for the Proposed Implementation of the IGO and INGO Identifiers Protection Policy

Mailing list Archive

IRT Meetings log

Please refer to the dedicated page on this wiki: IRT Meetings Agenda & Log

Reference PDP Documentation 

Please refer to the current GNSO resource page:

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