Please note that these FAQs are provided as guidance during the policy implementation phase and updated as needed as the implementation plan is finalized.

  1. Why is "not inconsistent" used rather than "consistent" for the policy recommendations being implemented? Does it mean the same thing?
    1. When the board was considering the recommendations, they found some recommendations "inconsistent" with the GAC Advice. And, these "inconsistent" recommendation were not adapted for implementation. In contrast, the recommendations that were "not inconsistent" were adapted for implementation. Therefore, "not inconsistent" and "consistent" do mean the same for the purposes of our implementation.
  2. When will the "inconsistent" recommendation be resolved for implementation?
    1. The timing and the process for resolving these inconsistencies depends on activities outside of this policy implementation team and the IRT. Discussion related to these other GNSO policy recommendations relating to other RCRC and IGO identifiers that has not been adapted by the board can be found on the community wiki page:
  3. Does this policy apply to all gTLDs or just new gTLDs?
    1. The "GNSO Policy for the Protection of IGO and INGO Identifiers in All gTLDs" applies to all gTLDs; no exemption has been identified in the policy. The timing of the implementation effective dates will determine the practical impact that it has on the gTLDs. Please review the final policy document and its effective date for careful consideration.
  4. Does the INGO Claims Service, required for the first 90 days of registration availability, apply to the gTLDs that have already been delegated?
    1. The INGO Claims Service only applies to the gTLDs delegated after this consensus policy is effective (Section 5.1 Scope).  It does not apply to INGO names that may be available for registration after the policy effective date if the gTLD has been delegated prior to the policy effective date. Please consult the policy effective date in Section 2 upon final publication of the policy.
  5. Does this policy provide a way to register acronyms?
    1. No, the reserved acronyms are still under discussion among the Board, GAC, and GNSO. It is not in scope for this policy implementation. Please refer to this community wiki page for progress.
  6. If a new name is added to the INGO list for a gTLD that has already been delegated, does the 90 day claims requirement apply?
    1. If the name had already been available for registration and that 90 days (claims period) have passed, it does not require another claims period. It is not retroactive.
  7.  Who should I contact if I have questions?
    1. Submit questions via with the following subject heading “Inquiry – IGO and INGO Identifiers Protection Policy.”

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