EURALO General Assembly 2017


Wednesday 15,  March  between 08:30-10:30: in Hall C1.3




 Proposed A G E N D A

Moderators:  Olivier Crepin-Leblond, EURALO Chair, and Wolf Ludwig, Secretariat


A.      Standing issues (20 minutes)

1. Opening, Welcome to Group

 (and to Special Guests, Jean-Jacques Sahel, VP Stakeholder Engagement Europe and team as well as invited guest Speakers, Leon Felipe Sanchez (ICANN Board) and Alan Greenberg (ALAC Chair) (SPEAKERS TBD )

2. Confirmation of attending members and apologies

3. Confirmation of the Assembly Quorum

4. Adoption of the proposed Agenda

5. Adoption of the Meeting minutes from the last F2F GA 2016, Helsinki (part 1 and part 2)

6. Guest speakers: Leon Felipe Sanchez (ICANN Board) and  Alan Greenberg-  (10 minutes, 5 minutes each)


B.      Proposed agenda items (100 minutes)

7. Discussion and adoption of the EURALO Annual Report 2016 - 2017 (10 minutes)

a) Briefing on the EURALO Bylaws Task Force

b) Briefing on the EURALO ALS engagement Task Force  

8. Outline of the EURALO CROPP concept FY 2016-17  and evaluation of the results of CROPP funding


9. EURALO’s Outreach strategy in coordination with ICANN’s European strategy, Guest speaker Jean-Jacques Sahel, VP Stakeholder Engagement Europe and Michael Yakushev VP Eastern Europe, Russia & Central Asia, GSE - Russia CIS (15 minutes)


10.  EURALO Hot topics

11. Miscellaneous


12. Closing of General Assembly



Action Items EURALO GA

  • Silvia Vivanco to work with Olivier Crepin-Leblond and Dan O’Neil on developing primers on the issues outlined in the EURALO Hot Topics document.
  •  The EURALO Board to discuss the issue on how to divide the tasks/work among themselves during their next call. The EURALO Board is to then report back to EURALO.
  •  EURALO ALSes to send a brief summary and a photo of outreach and engagement activities to At-Large Staff and the EURALO Chair. At-Large staff to post this information on a wiki and/or webpage.




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