EURALO will hold its General Assembly Virtual / not funded during the ICANN 58  Meeting scheduled to take place in Copenhagen, Denmark  on  Wednesday 15 March  between 08:30-10:30: in Hall C1.3



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Staff Support Lead: Silvia Vivanco


Comments/assigned    tasks
Wolf Ludwig

Coordination with members and

At-Large Staff

Olivier Crepin-Leblond 


EURALO General Assembly Agenda - Copenhagen March 2017


15 March 2017 - General Assembly ICANN58 Copenhagen -  Transcript and Recording


EURALO General Assembly Attendees

Proxy Vote: Please note that max. 2 proxy votes can be assigned to each member only. In the given case, please inform the preferred member you are transferring your vote to by Ccing two days prior to the General Assembly. All transfers of proxy votes must be notified and recorded at the opening of the General Assembly for being valid.


 ALS NameNameProxy  Remote/In person
1Asociación de Usuarios de InternetMiguel Perez Subias  
2Association for Technology and Internet (APTI)Valentina Pavel  
3Comunica-ch - the Swiss Platform on the Information SocietyWolf Ludwig 

in person

4Deutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz (DVD) e.V.Franz Werner Hülsmann 


5Digital CourageOliver Passek  
6dotHIVCarolin Silbernagl  
7E-SeniorsAnne-Marie Joly in person
8European Individual Users AssociationJean-Jacques SubrenatRoberto Gaetano

proxy in person

9European Media PlatformOksana PrykhodkoHanne Severinsenproxy in person
10FIfF (Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung)Stefan Hügel apology
11Förderverein Informationstechnik und Gesellschaft (FITUG) e.VLutz Donnerhacke in person
12Humanistische Union e.V. (The Humanist Union)Christoph Bruch  
13Internet Support FoundationDunya Valova  
14ISOC - Catalan ChapterMagi Lluch  
15ISOC Belgium

Rudi Vansnick

16ISOC BulgariaJulia Velkova  
17ISOC Chapter of Wallonia
Marie-Anne Delahaut
Christopher Wilkinsonproxy in person
18ISOC FinlandYrjö Länsipuro  in person
19ISOC FranceMatthieu   Camus remote
20ISOC Italy (Societa Internet)Stefano TrumpySébastien Bacholletproxy in person
21ISOC NetherlandsBastiaan Goslings in person
22ISOC PortugalPedro Veiga  
23ISOC Russia ChapterAlexei Sozonov  
24LOADJimmy Schulz  
25Medienstadt LeipzigSandra Hoferichter in person
26Netzwerk Neue Medien (NNM)Annette Muehlberg in person
27Slovenian Consumers AssociationBreda Kutin  
28TaC - Together Against CybercrimeYuliya Morenets  
29The Ukranian Internet AssociationVladimir Kukovsky  
30University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (UniBIT)Plamena Popova  
31Wikimedia AustriaPhilip Kopetzky  
32Wikimedia CHMartin Walder (for voting only)  
33WZRI Wiener Zentrum fuer Rechtsinformatik / VCLI Vienna Centre for Legal InformaticsErich Schweighofer in person
34Austrian Computing Society (OCG)Ronald BieberErich Schweighoferproxy in person
35Association for Internet promotion, application and development "Plug In"Nenad MarinkovicMirjana Tasicproxy in person
36Article 19

Niels ten Oever



Individual members 

Proxy Vote (see above note in red)
 Remote/in person

Olivier Crépin-Leblond

 in person

Sébastien Bachollet

 in person
Roberto Gaetano in person
Vinzenz Heußler   
Wolfgang Kleinwächter  
Christopher Wilkinson in person
Desiree Miloshevic  
Veronica Cretu  Remote



Other participants:  Andrei Kolesnikov (in person), Wale Bakare (remote)

Action Items EURALO GA

  • Silvia Vivanco to work with Olivier Crepin-Leblond and Dan O’Neil on developing primers on the issues outlined in the EURALO Hot Topics document.
  •  The EURALO Board to discuss the issue on how to divide the tasks/work among themselves during their next call.
  •  The EURALO Board is to then report back to EURALO. EURALO ALSes to send a brief summary and a photo of outreach and engagement activities to At-Large Staff and the EURALO Chair. At-Large staff to post this information on a wiki and/or webpage.



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