Date: Tuesday 18 September 2012

Time: 18:00 - 19:00 UTC  For the time in various timezones click here

Meeting Number: AL.EU/CC.0912/1

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Participants: Wolf Ludwig (WL), Siranush Vardanyan (SV), Adela Danciu (AD), Narine Khachatryan (NK),

Oksana Prykhodko (OP), Rudi Vansnick (RV), Bill Drake (BD), Yrjo Lansipuro (YL), Sandra Hoferichter (SH), Olivier Crepin-Leblond (OCL), Sebastien Bachollet (SB)

Apologies:  Christopher Wilkinson

Staff:  Silvia Vivanco (SV), Gisella Gruber (GG), Matt Ashtiani (MA), Heidi Ullrich (HU)



Action Items:   EURALO Action Items 18 September 2012  

Summary Minutes: EURALO Summary Minutes 18 September 2012

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Transcript: EURALO Transcript 18 September 2012

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Standing Issues:

1. Roll Call and apologies

3. Briefing on current ALAC consultations and initiatives / Materials for public comments (OCL 15 min.)

See: Policy Advice Development Page 

a. Recently approved ALAC Statements, Documents or Groups:

iALAC Analysis of AoC WHOIS Report Recommendations

ii. ALAC Statement on the Request for Community Input on SAC054 - Domain Name Registration Data Model

iii. ALAC Statement on the Consumer Metrics Final Advice

iv ALAC Reply to Comments on the Draft Statements of ICANN's Role and Remit in Security, Stability, and Resiliency of the Internet's Unique Identifier System

v. ALAC Statement on the WHOIS AC SO Request

b. Statements currently being voted on or reviewed by the ALAC

i. SSAC Report on Dotless Domains - ALAC currently voting

ii. ALAC Statement on the URS Status  - ALAC currently voting

iii.  APRALO Statement on Prioritization of IDN gTLD Applications in the New gTLD Program - Next steps being confirmed

iv. Draft Recommendations Overall Policy for the Selection of IDN ccTLD Strings - Edmon Chung to confirm if a Statement is necessary

c. Current open policy forums: 

i. Locking of a Domain Name Subject to UDRP Proceedings - Comment Period closes 15 August. Reply Period extended  24 September.

4. Results from EURALO nomination to the NomCom (2 min. / Wolf)

EURALO Elections, Selections and Appointments 2012

5. Update on the ICANN Academy procedure in Toronto (5 min. / Sandra)

6. EURALO representation in ALAC Working Groups – Rudi's resignation (10 min. / Wolf and all)

7. EURALO planning 2012 -- continued discussion (Wolf and all) (20 min. / Wolf)

  • Discussion on how to deal with non-responsive members (see list)
  • pending next steps to organize individual members (creation of specific ALS) - See EURALO ALs participation report
  • other planning issues

See: EURALO Regional Events page

See: EURALO Secretariat Monthly Reports

8. Any other Business (All) (5 min.)

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