Andrea Glandon: (3/26/2019 12:21) Welcome to the EURALO Monthly Call held on Tuesday, 26 March 2019 at 19:00 UTC.
  Andrea Glandon: (12:21) Wiki Agenda Page:
  Filina Natalia: (13:46) Dear Andrea, hi-)
  Andrea Glandon: (13:46) Welcome Natalia!
  Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond: (13:56) Hello everyone
  Andrea Glandon: (13:59) Welcome Oksana to the audio bridge
  Andrea Glandon: (14:00) Welcome, Wale!  I am going to have the operator call out since you have to speak today.
  Leon Sanchez: (14:00) Hello everyone
  Heidi Ullrich: (14:01) Welcome, All. 
  Wale Bakare: (14:01) Thanks Andrea
  Andrea Glandon: (14:02) You're welcome, Wale!
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:04) Welcome all 
  Maureen Hilyard: (14:04) Hi everyone. Just dropped in as an observer :)
  Filina Natalia: (14:04) Nice to see all of you! now you are a little bit closer than you were in Japan-) 
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:06) 2019 ALAC Policy Comments & Advice:
  Silvia Vivanco: (14:09) Welcome Maureen !
  sandra hoferichter: (14:10) Hi all!
  Maureen Hilyard: (14:12) Everyone is probably waiting for tomorrow's CPWG call to make their comments ?? 
  Annette: (14:12) hi sandra!
  Leon Sanchez: (14:14) Thanks Olivier
  Maureen Hilyard: (14:14) Hi Olivier and all
  Andrea Glandon: (14:14) Kobe Meeting Agendas
  Annette: (14:16) will you still need me, will you still feed me - when i´m 64?
  Andrea Glandon: (14:16) :)
  sandra hoferichter: (14:19) All David Kolb sessions could have also gone trought the ICANN Academy. Now ICANN is contracting only external service providers (although good ones) instead of supporting a community effort.
  sandra hoferichter: (14:19) This was not the intention when inventing it.
  Heidi Ullrich: (14:20) YOu said, Krista,right? 
  Annette: (14:20) sandra, please put your hand up and speak to us on this
  sandra hoferichter: (14:20) I have a noisy background.
  Heidi Ullrich: (14:24) @All, sorry, Christa Taylor is Chief Marketing Officer at Minds + Machines Group Limited - NOT Krista Papac, ICANN Complaints Officer! 
  Andrea Glandon: (14:29) Natalie Mochu?
  Andrea Glandon: (14:29) Natalia
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (14:30) Hello All, I'm joining this call.
  Oksana Prykhodko: (14:30) @Olivier Could you please send us more information about Yuliya from Moldova?
  Leon Sanchez: (14:34) I think it was a very good meeting indeed Olivier
  Leon Sanchez: (14:34) I would like to highlight the fact that I tried to have the meeting be more a dialogue rather than a monologue on each part
  Heidi Ullrich: (14:35) Link to Board/ALAC meeting:
  Matthias M. Hudobnik: (14:36) hello all, sry I was not able to join before :-)!
  Heidi Ullrich: (14:36) Joint GAC/ALAC statement on the EPDP -
  Maureen Hilyard: (14:36) @Leon you did well... except you didn't give us time to go through the Board's questions to us.. but our questions had been discussed at length.. so we were happy!!
  Leon Sanchez: (14:37) Thanks Maureen. That was because I thought we had more time allocated! It turned out that my calendar had overlapped sessions and when I saw it in my phone, it appeared to be a continuation of our session.
  Heidi Ullrich: (14:38) Closer Board/ALAC relations:
  Annette: (14:40) thank you olivier
  Heidi Ullrich: (14:40) @Olivier, just when I felt back to normal after ICANN64...thanks for the detailed review! ;)
  Bastiaan Goslings: (14:41) hahaha
  Bastiaan Goslings: (14:41) @Heidi: +1!
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (14:43) Thanks @Olivier & @Sébastien.
  Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond: (14:43) Apologies @Heidi :-)
  Andrea Glandon: (14:45) Joint statement
  Maureen Hilyard: (14:47) @Yrjo The updated statement has been delivered to the Board Chair and been distributed to the Board members 
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (14:49) @Yrjo and others involved: warm congratulations on this joint GAC-ALAC statement, important as a symbol of their cooperation, but also because GDPR may be a defining topic of our time.
  Yrjö Länsipuro: (14:49) Merci Jean-Jacques!
  Heidi Ullrich: (14:55) @All, please note that the EURALO Additional Budget Requests were not approved by the ALAC Finance and Budget Sub-committee to submit for consideration. 
  Heidi Ullrich: (14:55) The ABRs are currently being reviewed by ICANN org. 
  Heidi Ullrich: (14:56) A key request was to increase the RALO disctretionary funding to $30k ($6k per RALO - including one cross-regional travel). 
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (15:02) @Wale, thanks for mentioning the point I've brought up about priorities in the budget process.
  Maureen Hilyard: (15:05) Sorry but I have to leave now. Thank you for an enjoyable meeting.
  Wale Bakare: (15:06) You welcome, @JJS 
  Heidi Ullrich: (15:07) IGF workspace:
  Annette: (15:08) 25-29 november igf
  Annette: (15:09) input deadline the 12th of april for workshops
  Heidi Ullrich: (15:10) @All, keep in mind there are also RALO disctretionary funding remaining for FY19 : approx. $2k (see:
  Annette: (15:11)
  Wale Bakare: (15:11) Heidi, page not found
  Heidi Ullrich: (15:12) @Wale -
  Wale Bakare: (15:13) @Heidi, thanks
  Heidi Ullrich: (15:13) sorry, the link included the ) in it...
  Wale Bakare: (15:14) Yes, I have actually removed ) from the link
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (15:15) @Olivier, I suggest a Doodle poll be sent out for a (hopefully) final vote in EURALO on the new Bylaws.
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (15:18) @Olivier & All, if you think it's necessary, I'm willing to send a more detailed text for that hot topic.
  Heidi Ullrich: (15:20) the mandatory courses will be presented through ICANN LEARN and well as webinars (with interpretation)
  Silvia Vivanco: (15:22)
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (15:26) @Sébastien +1.
  Annette: (15:26) +1
  Jean-Jacques Subrenat: (15:35) Thanks All, and good night!
  Matthias M. Hudobnik: (15:35) have a nice evening!
  Wale Bakare: (15:35) Thanks, bye for now! (15:35) Thanks servus from Vienna
  Matthias M. Hudobnik: (15:35) servus from austria :-)!
  Annette: (15:35) thank you all!
  Oksana Prykhodko: (15:35) Thank you, bye!
  Leon Sanchez: (15:35) Thanks everyone
  Bastiaan Goslings: (15:35) thanks all
  Heidi Ullrich: (15:35) Thanks, All! 
  Silvia Vivanco: (15:35) Servus Matthias!
  sandra hoferichter: (15:36) bye all!
  Silvia Vivanco: (15:36) thank you all 
  Silvia Vivanco: (15:36) bye


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