Date: Friday, April 15, 2016

Time:  13:00 UTC | See here for your local date and time

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List of International Dial In Numbers:

Participant Passcode: 8588900697

Interpretation Available: No

Participants:  Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Rafik Dammak, Avri Doria, Alan Greenberg, Judith Hellerstein, Hector Ariel Manoff, Juuso Moisander, Greg Shatan, Gangesh Varma

Staff:  Nigel Hickson

Apologies:  Charles Chew, David Fares, Michele Neylon, Veni Markovski

Call management: Desiree Cabrera

Action Items: None

Recording: Track1-ID214650067.mp3



Adobe Chat: EN


A G E N D A  

  1. Introduction, Roll Call, Adoption of Agenda

  2. Review of Action Items of last call

  3. CCWG IG Chairs response to Public Consultation of CCWG Principles

  4. Preparation of CCWG IG workshop at WSIS Forum, Geneva, 5 May 2016

  5. Decision on working group activities at ICANN56
  6. AoB
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