Desiree Cabrera: Today's agenda can also be found at

judith Hellerstein: HI all

Gangesh Varma: Hello everyone

judith Hellerstein: Thanks Desiree for all your help

Desiree Cabrera: You're very welcome!

judith Hellerstein: I had sent my comments to list instead of the workspace sorry about that. did not have a chance to move it to the  workspace 

judith Hellerstein: yes you are fine

judith Hellerstein: We are well


judith Hellerstein: Glad to see that the adobe connect room is being recorded

judith Hellerstein: yes the latest version is an april one

Rafik: sorry, had problems to connect

Avri Doria: this was uploaded in 2015?

judith Hellerstein: yes we can scroll

judith Hellerstein: Yes this is very good and has added in my thoughts that I had previously posted to the list

Avri Doria: what does "stand out intrinsically"mean? Is it the same as "become apparent?"  Intricially confuses me as it refers to essential nature.

Avri Doria: the end pint is when IG stops being a subject or ICANN quits caring about it.

Alan Greenberg: donot have an inherent endpoint, or planned endpoint

judith Hellerstein: Yes @greg Good comments

Avri Doria: this is something that makes the periodic review of CCWGs especially those that do not terminate naturally, criticial.  They should however have milestone activities.  but these may be thought for my own comments and not for this group's comments by another name.

Greg Shatan: Periodic review is a good idea, to avoid having an open-ended CCWG limp along.

Gangesh Varma: I agree with Avri. It is important to have milestones to ensure that the WG serves its purpose

Rafik: we lost sound?

judith Hellerstein: I think we can cassify the workshops as milestones

Avri Doria: it does.  and that may be why it would be good to not only point that out, but indicate it is a recommend feature fo CCWGs

judith Hellerstein: yes I hear you

Gangesh Varma: Yes we can hear you

Rafik: yes

Olivier Crepin-Leblond: proposed intro: The attached Statement is co-signed by the Chairs of the Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance in their individual capacity.the Statement has been shared with the working group both on its mailing list and been presented during the weekly call on 15 April 2016. objection from working group members participating in the call nor on the mailing list have been recorded.

judith Hellerstein: Renata is going to the wsis forum as she has a session scheduled

judith Hellerstein: she is from brazil

judith Hellerstein: Glossary of terms is a great idea

Avri Doria: i think i am going to be there.

Avri Doria: i can be a plant in the audience.

judith Hellerstein: We lost olivier

Gangesh Varma: Yes

Olivier Crepin-Leblond: dropped :-(

Olivier Crepin-Leblond: dialling myself back in

Olivier Crepin-Leblond: back on the call

judith Hellerstein: I would like to ave a face to face meeting as well

judith Hellerstein: I noticed that the CSTD is following right after that so can you give an update on this

judith Hellerstein: I am travelling on thursday so it is not the best for me

Rafik: bye

Gangesh Varma: Thanks all.

Avri Doria: bye

Greg Shatan: Bye all!

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