This space will contain all presentations, papers etc. for preparation of the workshop of the CCWG IG at the WSIS Forum at ITU.on 5 May 2016.


Thursday 5 May 2016

16:45-18:15 CCWG Accountability (ICANN) Room Popov 2

Provisional Panel

Chair:Matthew Shears

Marilyn Cade - Business Constituency

Olivier Crépin-Leblond - At-Large

Lise Fuhr - CWG IANA Co-Chair

Thomas Rickert - CCWG Accountability Co-Chair

Theresa Swinehart - VP for Multi-Stakeholder Strategic Initiatives

Tatiana Tropina -  Noncommercial Users Constituency 

Kavouss Arasteh - Participant from the Government Advisory Council on ICG and CCWG Accountability


Proposed Session Flow


1.         Very brief introductions – Matthew

Note: each panelist to provide a three line introduction – how they would like the moderator to introduce them.

2.         Overview using slides of the IANA and Accountability work (to be circulated by Olivier), purpose and where we are now and the timeline going forward

Theresa - 6 minutes max

3.         Highlights of the work of the WGs, state of play using slides (to be circulated by Olivier)

CWG – Lise - 4 minutes max (please also cover relationship between ICG and CWG)

CCWG – Thomas - 8 minutes max (please also touch on WS2)

Note: 1) the panel may be faced with questions related to jurisdiction as the issue has resurfaced on various lists and the audience may include some individuals who have strong views on this matter. And 2) there may be push back on the openness and transparency of the process and work of the WGs and in particular the degree to which differing views were taken into account.

4.         Views of the stakeholders - 3 minutes each MAX





(While we hoped to have someone from the numbers community it appears that they are not able to attend)

It would be very useful for the audience to hear from the participating stakeholder representatives as to why they think this process important, why they participated and what their experiences, lessons learned and key takeaways are.

5.         Open to the floor/Q&A.  Recommend succinct answers (1 – 2 minutes max) to questions and ask that we make the session as interactive as possible.  Questions and discussion among the panelists is OK.

6.         Brief summary of key points and closing - Matthew

Proposed session guidance/food for thought:

We should use this session to communicate the goals, lessons learned and state of play for IANA transition and ICANN accountability. Given the wide ranging audience it is critical that we not get into too much detail in the presentations/comments (recognizing of course this is difficult given that the subject matter is complex…).  The lessons learned should be communicated with diversity of the audience in mind.  It is an incredibly useful opportunity to extol the value of the MS process and why these two processes worked and the lessons that others, particularly policy makers, can take away from this.

Proposed Presentation Slide deck

Version 1 - DRAFT


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