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  1. Comment on behalf of Vanda Scartezini:

    Dear friends a very relevant statement from Alfredo Calderon can be read here. Useful for our group.Hi to all: Going back to my first contact with ICANN as a face-to-face participant I would like to share my experience. I was impressed with the warm greeting by all individuals with which I talked. The passion with which everyone talked about ICANN and the work they were involved in. The huge number of sessions going on made it somewhat difficult to focus on a series of sessions I was interested in. I had a great mentor - Eduardo Díaz, who answered all my questions as I left every session. The great number of acronyms made it difficult to follow some discussions, therefore discouraging me from following the session. However, I believe that with my background, representing a particular academic sector of society, I could contribute to enhancing ICANN's mission. It's been three years, by ICANN 60. For ICANN 60 I applied for a fellowship and will have the opportunity to interact with many groups and learn more details on how I can get involved in ICANN. Having said that, I guess my biggest concern is that those of us that are professionals, still working full-time with many responsibilities, but eager to get involved in some Internet-related issues, or even, learn more: ICANN does not make it easy for some. Multimedia materials, short visual descriptions of each component of ICANN, 3-minute video clips explaining what each Working Group, Committee or Organization within ICANN does would be helpful. It is sometimes difficult to find things in ICANN's World because "we the people - civil society" sometimes have to "guess" what and where topics of interest are defined or categorized. Once you get involved to develop some skills on "how and where" to look for the information desired. Some tools that could help are: http://www.sparkol.com/ https://www.doodly.com/ https://plotagon.com/ I recently completed the ccNSO course at - http://learn.icann.org/p/ccnso-onboarding and found it very helpful. However, it has some images that are overwhelming with information and no way to drill into the details. That would be helpful! I agree with all that the resources are great, are in various languages, but something is missing! How can we get ICANN's work accessible to more individuals in a way that they can say "Aha!, this is how I can get involved in ICANN and better serve by community from within this global organization." Just my 2cents! Hope to see you all in ICANN 60 and ICANN 61 in Puerto Rico! Alfredo Calderon