The Community Onboarding Pilot Program is designed to improve engagement and retention of new participants within ICANN by creating a structured, year-round (not meeting-focused) onboarding process tailored by and for each community group.


This program was born out of discussions between the community and the ICANN organization starting at ICANN49 and concluding at ICANN51. Driven by the IANA Functions Stewardship Transition’s growing demands on the community, this broader consultation process sought to address volunteer burnout and improve newcomer retention rates. In January 2016, the Pilot was launched in order to develop an individualized, tailored mentorship process. The Pilot will conclude in FY18.

On-boarding resources and materials include:

→ information on how to facilitate entrance into policy development

→ working groups facilitation and leadership training

→ mentorship within the community to continue the newcomer’s journey for continued engagement and investment into ICANN

The program consists of three pillars:

    1. Welcome: timely welcome of new community member

    2. Onboarding: structured courses, materials and tools for individuals to learn about a community and how to participate

    3. Mentoring: individualized peer-mentoring for selected individuals

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Program Participants 

ICANN62 Participants:                       



Lianna Galstyan*

Ali Hussein

Gladys Maldonado


Omar Mansoor Ansari*

and Marilyn Cade

Laicana Coulibaly


Jelena Ožegović

Ignacio Velázquez


Karel Douglas

Suada Hadzovic


Scott Austin

Judith Tfezeu


Julian Esteban Lescano*

Suman Lal Pradhan


Kathy Kleiman

Louise Marie Hurel*

Dina Solveig Jalkanen


Tapani Tarvainen 

Ioana Stupariu
Destiny Tchehouali*

* Not receiving travel support from COP

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