Swathanthra Malayalam Computing(SMC) is a CivicTech Internet organisation that aims to make computing and internet access to non English speakers of the Indian subcontinent. It started as a  free and open-source developer community in 2002 and later became an organization in 2010. SMC actively engages with Unicode, IETF, W3C and ICANN related to Language technologies.  Our community develops free and open-source technology infrastructure for reading, writing and processing South Asian Languages. 

The Organization advocates Free Software & Internet rights and actively engages in Regional & Country policy-making on issues such as open standards, Net neutrality, Data protection, AI, ML Language Models etc., protecting end-user interests. 

We run initiatives on Web Literacy and Internet Rights Literacy in regional languages, Mentoring programs for Developers, and facilitating Multi-Stakeholder engagements for technology & standards development in the region. 

SMC members are also active on IDN LGR groups, and UA and contribute to the neo-Brahmi generation panel.

Website : https://smc.org.in , https://indicproject.org
Contact Email: contact@smc.org.in
Contact Person 1: Anivar A. Aravind  <anivar@indicproject.org>
Contact Person 2 : Joice Joseph <joice@smc.org.in>

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