Media Education Center 

Media Education Center is a Yerevan-based non-governmental organization, promoting media and digital literacy in Armenia. The organization works towards the goal to promote the education of children and adults using the Internet and new digital technologies. More information about Media Education Center's activities and partnerships can be found on,

Goals and objectives 

Promote media and digital literacy in Armenia;
Promote usage of media to foster democratic communication, civic and cultural participation;
Promote human rights and citizenship education via media education;
Promote introduction of media and ICTs in education, including innovative pedagogy, new learning environments; usage of new media to enrich contextual learning, cooperative learning and production, blended learning, innovative and life-long learning.

Media Education and Citizenship 

Media Education Center offers Media and Internet Literacy trainings for teachers and students of secondary schools. Trainees learn how to access sources, interact, search, use WEB-2 networks and homepages to exercise their rights as citizens. Media Education Center offers schools effective methodologies how to introduce new media and ICTs into teaching and learning process.

Media Education and Internet Safety

Safe.AM, a joint initiative of Media Education Center, ISOC AM and Orange Armenia, is aimed to empower citizens to use the Internet and mobile technologies safely and avoid risks. Safe.AM promotes nation-wide networking in the area of Internet safety and cooperates with partners in European countries: INSAFE and eNACSO. Safe.AM offers teaching materials for schools, runs nation-wide information campaigns, competitions, surveys and polls, round tables and media events.  Safe.AM runs Armenian Hotline to report incidents on the Internet.


2009   Initiated Internet safety awareness raising campaigns in Armenian schools and coordinated the Safer Internet Armenia Program in partnership with Microsoft Armenia. Pan-European communication campaigns have been supported on the Safer Internet Day, round tables and conferences with participation of officials, NGOs, media and industry management have been organized.

2010   Initiated the establishment of the Armenian Safer Internet Committee (, engaging public and private sectors. Оn Media Education Center's initiative the Armenian Hotline to report on-line incidents has been established in cooperation with the ISOC Armenia.  Kids and Youth Radio Program on the Armenian Public Radio dedicated to the topic of Internet Safety, Privacy and Security has been organized. 

2011   Produced a variety of tools in Armenian language, including the Council of Europe's Internet Literacy Handbook, INSAFE's eSafety Kit in partnership with World Vision.

2012   Over 20 000 children took part in the Internet literacy workshops & awareness raising campaigns which Media Education Center, Armenian Safer Internet Committee and Orange foundation organized in Armenian regions in 2011 and 2012. In February–March, 2012 Safer Internet campaigns covered 70 per cent of Armenia’s secondary schools, engaging over 15 000 children through open lessons across 800 schools. By the end of February, 2012 became the first most visited Armenian web site in Education & Science category. 

With support from international organizations Media Education Center assisted schools to develop educational e-content, built the capacity of teachers and students through sharing skills, methodologies and educational resources, provided schools with tools and e-platforms for collaboration and participation; trained school teachers to build educational web-sites. 

2013    Produced the 4th and 5th Armenian editions of the Introduction to Internet Governance Book (by Jovan Kurbalija, DiploFoundation) with support from ISOC Armenia.

Students and a teacher of the best school of the Safer Internet Armenia Program participated in the 1st Children’s Forum in ICANN on April 6-12, 2013 in Beijing.

Primary contact: Narine Khachatryan,  

Secondary contact: Samvel Martirosyan, 

Director: Haykaz Baghyan,

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