December 2013 Report


The MoU with APNIC is almost finalized. The copy has been sent to APRALO ALSs. Potentially people can comment during the January 2014, but it is assumed to be a general MOU, which agreed with APNIC and will be officially signed during Singapore meeting (Holly and Maureen are leading the process).

The discussions with the new General Manager of APNIC Don Hollander had been started to identify the key areas for cooperation between APRALO and APNIC.  

2. APRALO ROP WG final Charter

During December monthly call the majority of participants voted in favor of ROP WG Charter, but some members asked for a little bit more time for the comments, which is NOW OPEN FOR ONE WEEK - Deadline for final input is December 27. After that time, the Charter will be considered adopted as the main Charter for ROP WG. The link to the final document (as PDF document) is posted here: APRALO Rules of Procedures Review 2013-14   

3. December Spotlight: Yannis Li, Net Mission Asia - the information and PPt is posted here: APRALO ALSes Spotlight

A call for volunteers for the next spotlight has been sent to APRALO ALSs (via meilin list).

4. ALAC Finance and Budget Sub-Committee (FBSC) membership from APRALO

Currently APRALO has Cheryl Langdon Orr and Rafid Fatani serving in FBSC and a call for one more volunteer (representative from RALO) has been sent to APRALO ALSs. The deadline for expressing the willingness to serve in this committee is set as of December 25, 2013.

5. At Large Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program, known as CROPP 
Ali Almeshal and Cheryl Langdon Orr are members of RT. A call for identifying the major events taking place in APRALO region during the period
from February-June 2014 has been sent to APRALO ALSs. To learn more about the program, please, visit:  

6. Singapore Showcase 

In December the OC (Organizing Committee) hold its first conference call to identify the main action items (APRALO Singapore Showcase OC 2013-12-04 Action Items). The team is in the process of discussions for: agenda, items for sponsorship, catering, documentations needed to be distributed, etc. The next OC call will be in the mid of January 2014. A call to all ALSs has been sent to provide their input and/or find sponsorship opportunities for the Showcase (the deadline is given January 10, 2014, prior to OC meeting). It was agreed during December call that items for sponsorship(which is currently in the process of finalization) will be posted in wiki for everyone to think about potential sponsors. OC is also in the process of identifying of how many APRALO ALSs will be physically present in Singapore (Maureen is leading the process). 


November 2013 Report

I. APRALO Leadership changes:

1. During the APRALO November monthly held in Buenos Aires, on November 20, 2013, Holly Raiche stepped down as APRALO Chair. Siranush Varndanyan current APRALO Vice Chair, has taken on the role of acting chair of APRALO. APRALO Leadership will draft an election schedule to allow for formal elections and will send it to the APRALO mail list in due course.

2. Outgoing ALAC members from APRALO Rinalia Abdul Rahim and Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro and incoming new ALAC members from APRALO Maureen Hilyard and Rafid Fatani. Maureen Hilyard is also taking the role of ccNSO Liason from Cheryl Langdon-Orr, who being ALAC member also will be Chair of ICANN Nomination Committee for 2014.


The MoU with APNIC is drafted and shared with APRALO ALSs. The MOU is planned to be formally signed inSingapore. The discussion with APNIC on sponsoring APRALO Showcase in Singapore are in the process. Holly Raiche is leading the process. The discussion to include RIPE NIC (to coverMiddle East) is also started. Raf Fatani is leading the process.

III. APRALO ROP Draft Charter

APRALO ROP Draft Charter has been developed. After BA meeting it will be sent to APRALO ALSs for comments, which will be open until December 20th, 2013, then updated in case if any comments are made and will be shared with other RALOs. Siranush Vardanyan is leading the process as appointed Liaison of this working group.

IV. Input for ALAC Metrics Working group

Maureen shared the information on ALAC Metrics Working Group with all RALOs and the call for comments will be sent to APRALO ALSs as well. Maureen Hilyard is coordinating the works on this WG.

V. November Spotlight

Siranush Vardanyan - presentation of the Armenian Association for the Disabled "Pyunic"

Next Spotlight in December

Yannis Li

VI. Preparation for Singapore meeting

The Working Group on Singapore Showcase prep works had been established: members are Siranush Vardanyan, Emani Fakaotimanava-Liu, Ali Almeshal, Maureen Hilyard, Bekram Shtrestha and Pavan Budhrani. The works on organizing the showcase started in BA meeting and will be continued.

VII. Results of ATLAS II survey

97% of APRALO ALSs submitted their survey for ATLAS II, which will take place in London in June 2014

Action items on everyone (including staff)

  • Staff to post the video of the Armenian Association for the Disabled "Pyunic" in wiki space
  • Staff to organize doodle for Singapore Showcase organizing committee - done.
  • Siranush to send to APRALO list APRALO ROP Draft Charter for comments - done, the deadline is December 13, 2014
  • Siranush to send to APRALO ALSs the reminder to provide their ALSs's info and logo for the wiki space - done

October 2013 Report

- Action items: Karaitiaana Taiuru will have presented his research on the use of indigenous domain names by December, and can then work with Pavan to develop a webinar on the topic.

- Spotlight: Ali Al Meshal talked about the many programs and activities of the Bahrain Internet Society. (his presentation will be circulated)

- BCEC/BMSPC: The meeting confirmed the nomination of Siranush and Ellen for the Board Candidate Evaluation Committee.  Maureen and Fouad have been nominated for the Board Member Selection Process Committee.

- MoU with APNIC. Holly has talked with the CEO of APNIC about the possibility of an MoU with APRALO, and he is supportive of the idea.  Maureen noted that APNIC already has an MoU with PICISOC.

A Subcommittee of Siranush, Ali and Maureen was formed.

- ICANN Meeting inSingapore(23-27 March) A subcommittee of Maureen, Ali, Siranush and Pavan will plan a ‘showcase’ event for the meeting.  Another subcommittee, of Cheryl, Hong and Holly, will plan for a Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Consumer Metrics.


APRALO meeting in Buenos Aires: 

The APRALO meeting in November is scheduled for Wednesday 19 November at 1700 Buenos Aires time (UTC -3 hurs)

Update on ROP Review Working Group: Cheryl updated the meeting on the APRALO RoP, noting there will be more time on the issue inBuenos Aires. 

Report on IGF meeting inBali: Rinalia reported briefly to the meeting on the success of the APRALO meeting on the universal acceptance of IDNs

Policy Update: Olivier briefed the meeting on policy before the ALAC including Closed statements on confusingly similar gTLDs, DNS risk management, ccTLD delegation and re-delegation and the Whois privacy and proxy service abuse.  Current policies include the ccNSO report on revocation, a revised PICs dispute resolution process, policy and implementation and a response to the ATRT2 draft report. (for details, see


Next Spotlight:

November: Siranush Vardanyan


Action items on everyone (including staff)

- Pavan and KT to work on a webinar on the use of indigenous domain names in December

- Ali to provide the meeting with further information on the outcomes for women who attended training sessions with the Bahrain Internet Society

- The MoU subcommittee to examine the MoU with AFRINIC, and the APNIC/PICISOC MoU to suggest wording for an APNIC/APRALO MoU

- The Subcommittees for a Showcase event and a Multi-Stakeholder Forum for theSingaporemeeting report back to the next meeting

- All who attended the Bali IGF can provide reports to Pavan, for distribution to APRALO.


September 2013 Report


- Spotlight: Karaitiana Taiuru (KT) talked about the New Zealand Maori Internet Society. New Zealandis a bi-cultural, bi-lingual society and the Maori Internet Society represents Maori users. It was formed in 1997 as a grass roots organisation, and became an ALS in 2006.  Their current issues incude cyber safety issues, protecting users from viruses, on-line scams, etcand a lack of access to the Internet.  Members interact using emails, Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Currently they are doing research on how indigenous names are being used, which KT will present the first week in November.

- Policy Update: Olivier summarized the current issues before ICANN, including ALAC’s involvement in the policies. Participation of ALSs in policy discussions was encouraged.  The Board has issued a call for volunteers for the Implementation Advisory Group for Consumer Trust and Consumer choice metrics. See

<>.  People should apply, but realize that Board review teams take considerable time and effort.  The ALCA will be asked to nominate one or two people.


APRALO meeting inArgentina: 

The APRALO meeting in November is scheduled for Wednesday 19 November at 1700 Buenos Aires time (UTC -3 hurs)

Update on ROP Review Working Group: CLO reported on the first meeting of the RoP working group. They are currently reviewing the reference documents, including the updated ALAC Rops.

Report on APrIGF meeting in Seoul: Pavan reported that this meeting was success, with the number of sessions and delegates up from the previous APrIGF. Gunela provided a further report on the conference. Presentations and reports available from  Members should contact Pavan if they want to be on the mailing list for the next IGF.


Next Spotlights:

October: Ali AlMeshal, Bahrain Internet Society

November: Siranush Vardanyan


Action items on everyone (including staff)

  • KT to let ICANN staff know when he has presented research on the use of indigenous domain names.
  • Pavan and Holly to organise a Webinar on the use of indigenous domain names, based on the research presented by KT
  • Pavan to provide link for reports on the APrIGF
  • Contact Pavan if you want to be on the mailing list for the Bali meeting
  • be sure all of you are signed up to the APRALO and other mailing lists
  • on the APRALO ALS list, check that the entry for your ALS is correct - and let staff know if anything that needs correcting
  • volunteer to talk about your ALS to an APRALO meeting
  • suggest policy topics for webinars

August 2013 Report


The following three orgnisations have been formally accepted as ALSs

  • the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
  • South Pacific Computer Society
  • Internet Society - Nepal Chapter
APRALO Meeting in August:

- Spotlight: Satish Babu give the first spotlight presentation on his ALS, the Computer Society of India, including its formation, structure and activities:  see

-       Satish provided an update of the Meeting Strategy WG . The issues being considered include whether ICANN should continue with three global meetings a year, or two meetings a year plus another meeting in each region, selection of venues for meetings (including rotation and selection criteria) and suppot arrangements for travel and visas.  The WG is due to report to the Board in September.

-       Policy Update: Olivier summarized the current issues before ICANN, including ALAC’s involvement in the policies, Participation of ALSs in policy discussions was encouraged

-       APRALO’s relationship with APNIC was discussed.

-       The meeting agreed that there should be a WG to look at APRALO procedures and their compliance with the revised ALAC Rules of Procedure (RoP)

Action items on everyone (including staff)
  • be sure all of you are signed up to the APRALO and other mailing lists
  • on the APRALO ALS list, check that the entry for your ALS is correct - and let staff know if anything that needs correcting
  • volunteer to talk about your ALS to an APRALO meeting
  • consider volunteering for the WG on RoP
  • suggest policy topics for webinars

 July 2013 Report


Two ALSs have been officially decertified:

  • Internet Users Network - Tokyo (at their request)
  • Internet Society of Pakistan (which had ceased to exist and has been replaced)

Three orgnisations have applied for ALAC membership - which are in the process of being reviewed and will be voted on including

  • the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
  • South Pacific Computer Society
  • Internet Society - Nepal Chapter

Election Outcomes:

New Vice Chair: Siranush Vardanyan,  

New NomCom Rep (replacing Siranush)Satish Babu  And our new New ALAC rep (to assume office at the 2013 AGM) Maureen Hillyard. Congratulations again to all - and a reminder to everyone - that we need all of your support.

APRALO Meeting in Durban:

The meeting began with Kuek Yu-Chuang, the newly appointed Vice President for Global Stakeholder Engagement for the Asian Region. He assumes office on 1 August - when he will be based in Singapore. Others in the Singapore office will include staff for compliance and registrars/registries. (He would like to be involved in all of our meetings)

 He talked a bit on his background (he is a Senior Director with Yahoo) and then on what he sees as a fundamental tension in his job.  On the one hand, it is his job to listen to and understand the needs on the ground of his various constituents but that must fit into ICANN plans and commitments that have already been decided and are in train.  The cornerstone of his job will be an APEC strategy which will be launched at the regional IGF in Korea.

 Rinalia talked on the planned IGF workshop - an APRALO-ICANN collaboration on IDNs and IDN variants, looking at the many issues involved, including security and stability, and language scripts.  Cheryl also provided an update on the regional IGF in Korea.

 The meeting agreed that, from now on, we will be devoting at least 5 minutes or more to one or our ALSs giving us all a presentation on that ALS - a bit about its members and its activities.   Satish will be the presenter for the August meeting.

We went through the the outcomes from the survey Pavan did after Beijing.  The main conclusions included the overuse of ICANN terminology (explain the acronyms if you use them), how the ICANN schedule can be overwhelming - so each meeting needs a bit of explanation, more ALS participation,  and praise for the Fellowship  program and its orientation to ICANN.

In the issues sessions, the main issues were covered and have largely been dealt with.  The one big outstanding issue is a proposal from an Expert Working Group (which Carlton was on) that is proposing a new structure for the collection, handling, verification and dissemination of registrant data.  Comment is due mid-August

Action items on everyone (including staff)

  • be sure all of you are signed up to the APRALO and other mailing lists
  • on the APRALO ALS list, check that the entry for your ALS is correct - and let staff know if anything that needs correcting
  • volunteer to talk about your ALS to an APRALO meeting
  • Staff - please send out a soft copy of the guide to ALAC to all APRALO ALSs


June 2013 Report


 The ALAC will be voting in early July on the decertification of two ALSs: the Internet Users Network Tokyo and ISOC Pakistan. 

APRALO Meeting Report  (25 June 2013)

The new Vice Chair Siranush Vardanyan chaired the meeting in Holly’s absence.


APRALO Nominees for NomCom

The two nominees for the NonCom from APRALO  - Gunela Astbrink from the Internet Society of Australia, and Ali Al Meshad from the Bahrain Internet Society – talked to the meeting about their background and experience.

APRALO Representative to ALAC

The elections for the APRALO representative to the ALAC will be held from 28 June to 5 July. The nominees are Maureen Hillyard and Fouad Bajwa.

Beijing Outcomes

Pavan spoke to responses he has feedback he has received from a survey he has conducted with the ALCs on the Beijing meeting, including steps for better communications between ALSs

Durban Meeting

Discussions in Durban will include updates and ways forward for both the rIGF in Seoul and the IGF in Bali.

Policy Issues

Olivier Crepin-LeBlond summarised the ICANN policy issues that are open for comment, including those where a penholder has been named and those that the ALAC is considering whether or not to provide a response.

NomCom Selection

Cheryl Langdon-Orr provided information about the ‘360’ process where current NomCom members will be interviewed to evaluate current NomCom leadership.

May 2013 Report


 There are requests for the decertification of two ALSs: the Internet Users Network Tokyo and ISOC Pakistan.  The ALAC will vote on decertification of both.

APRALO Meeting Report –  (has been separately circulated – the main items are)

  • Beijing Meeting

Both the Multi-Stakeholder Forum and the Showcase events were a huge success, with attendees beyond ALAC members to include many others interested in the topics being discussed and Board members meeting ALAC and APRALO – with a huge thanks to Maureen and Rinalia (and ICANN staff)

  • Finance:

Olivier (together with ALAC member Tijani Ben Jemaa) attended a briefing on the budget projects for FY14. The APRALO request for funding for a workshop at the IGF has been approved, and our request for funding to participate in the AP regional IGF is under review.

  1. Elections for the APRALO Vice Chair will close 7 June
  2. The timeline for an APRALO representative to ALAC is:
  3. ·         Nomination period ends  14 June
  4. ·         Acceptance period ends 21 June
  5. ·         Elections – 28 June – 5 July

NomCom nominations are due 7 June. 

APRALO held a webinar on an APRALO representative to the ALAC – what the representative is expected to do. 

  • Policy Issues

Olivier reviewed policy issues open for discussion, including ALAC response.  APRALO members should review the issues and provide any feedback on the wiki. He particularly mentioned the ATRT2 review which is open for any and all comments and invited APRALO members to comment on this issue.


February 2013 Report


We are happy to welcome the Armenian Association for the Disabled as a new member of At- Large Community – and APRALO.

APRALO Meeting Report –  26 February

Dev Anand Teelucksingh, Chair of the At-Large new gTLD Review Group

Dev outlined the purpose of the review group – to provide community input  (and objections) on proposed new gTLDs.  He outlined the process by which ALAC can object.  All  5 RALOs must review each of the five gTLD applications/objections and advice ALAC whether it supports or rejects the Review group’s recommendations – BY 5 MARCH. See for all of the information and please get back to me with your thoughts.

ICANN FY2014  Budget– Olivier Crepin LeBlond

The ICANN finance committee will soon call for submissions on projects.  For the coming year, ALAC is most likely to be seeking funding for one main event – an At-Large Summit in London in June 2014, which means it would be ‘unwise’ for ALAC or the RALOs to seek other funding.

Policy Update – Olivier Crepin LeBlond

Olivier reviewed the statements/comments etc being considered (or not) be the ALAC.  See

The one issue where there are real differences within ALAC is on the issue of closed gTLDs.  The text on the policy page now includes text which sets out both viewpoints, plus comments from others.  ALAC is now asking RALOs for their views on this issue – so please at least read about this issue and either comment directly on the page or let me know what your views are.

Beijing Organising Committee Meeting Report

The Committee held its fourth meeting on 26 February.  Outcomes from the meeting, in summary, are:

  • Showcase: Will be an APRALO event on Monday 7 April 1700 - 1900.  All ALSs in APRALO have been invited and asked to respond on their participation in the event.
  • Promotion: Items to be available including pop up banner (with Dot.Asia logo) business cards, pins, pens, fans – using APRALO color red
  • Capacity Building: In fact occurring as part of newcomers track, fellows meetings and session in General Assembly.  Maureen finalising arrangements with Janice
  • General Assembly: To include session on APRALO/ALAC session on processes and procedures by CLO

January 2013 Report

 New ALS'es application

1)Armenian Association for the Disabled (pending ALAC vote)

2) ISOC Philippines (approved)

Planning for the Showcase event in Beijing

1) Working with Chinese speaking ALS'es for presentations

2) Edmon and Maureen working on logistics for the showcase meeting

3) Pavan looking to schedule lunches and coffees with the ALS'es during the Beijing meeting.

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