ALAC Voting Delegates to the NomCom for 2014

ICANN's Nominating Committee asked the At-Large Advisory Committee to submit a list with ALAC delegates from each of ICANN's five geographic regions. Voting members of the NomCom are appointed for a one year term, starting after the close of the Annual General Meeting 2013 and ending at the close of the Annual General Meeting 2014, and may be re-appointed for a further term of one year subject to the requirement under the ICANN Bylaws

  • XI-2.4.e The ALAC shall, after consultation with each RALO, annually appoint five voting delegates (no two of whom shall be citizens of countries in the same Geographic Region, as defined according to Section 5 of Article VI to the Nominating Committee.

Nominees for NomCom

Geographic Region

Nominated/Supported By

Dates Nominees Accepted

Role Previously Held By (Reelection Possible)Regional Candidate recommended to the ALACALAC Appointed 2013 Delegates to the NomCom
Ali AlMeshalAsia Pacific


Maureen Hilyard

Fouad Bajwa

Keith Davidson

Emani Fakaotimanava Lui

Siranush Vardanyan

Winthrop Yu

Lianna Galstyan

Sonny Zulhuda

Ulkar Bayramova


6/3Siranush Vardanyan  
Gunela AstbrinkAsia Pacific

Nominated by : Siranush Vardanyan

Keith Davidson

Charles Mok

Salanieta Tamanikawaimaro

Maureen Hilyard

Keith Davidson

Satish BabuAsia Pacific     


The ALAC ExCom suggested the following timetable for nominations and consultation recommendations from RALOs for consideration by the ALAC for appointment as the 2014 NomCom At-Large Delegate positions:

1. Nominations Open:  27 May 2013

2. Nominations Close:  7 June 2013

3. Nomination Acceptance Deadline: On or before 14 June 2013

4. RALO nominee prioritization period:  Between 14-24 June 2013 (this may include a vote if desired)

5. ALAC Notification: RALOs to transmit all accepted nominations with a recommendation for a preferred candidate if the RALO wishes to provide one by 25 June 2013

6.  ALAC Review of RALO Recommendations/Additional List of Nominations Accepted: 25 June - 2 July 2013

7. ALAC selection and endorsement vote: Carried out on-line between 2 July - 8 July

8. Notification to NomCom of Appointees: No later than 12 July 2013 or as arranged with NomCom Secretariat



SATISH BABU was elected as ALAC voting Delegate to the NomCom for 2014



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