This workspace is for the selection of the APRALO ALAC 2013-15 position which will run from the end of the 2013 AGM to the end of the 2015 AGM.

The position is currently held by Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro – Current term ends at the end of the 2013 ICANN AGM (ICANN 48th , November meeting 17th- 21st November).

Please note that Objective 3.1.5 of the APRALO Operating Principles (updated 2009)  states that APRALO is "to select two individuals as representatives of the Members of APRALO to ALAC;"  these representatives each serve a 2 year term on the ALAC and are appointed in alternate years.   To ensure a timely process of the selection and appointment of APRALO representative for the end 2013 - end 2015 term the following schedule is announced :


APRALO Representative to the ALAC 2013-2015 Selection Schedule:

May 27  - At-Large Staff and APRALO’s Chair  announce selections and call for nominations.

May 27  -  June 14  - Nomination period (nominations accepted for 3 weeks).

June 21st   - Deadline for nomination acceptances (nominees must accept nominations no later than seven days after the nomination period ends on May 23rd).

June 28th - July 5th - Elections (If required, elections will begin no later than one week after the deadline for nomination acceptances and end no later than two weeks after that deadline).

2013 AGM [ 17th - 21st  November ]  - Newly elected APRALO ALAC representative shall be seated on the ALAC at the close of the 2013 AGM on Thursday, 21st November 2013.



Nominations should be made on the APAC-Discuss Mailing list (see: by 27th  May at 23:59 UTC.

Self-nominations are welcome. When received and posted, self-nominations will be deemed to also act as formal acceptance of 'nomination'.


Reference documents

APRALO Webinar on the Role of ALAC role on Monday 20 May 2013 at 0700 UTC 

Nominations for APRALO ALAC Representative 2013-2015

Nominations for APRALO ALAC Representative 2013-2015

Nominated By

Supported By

Date Nominee Accepted

Maureen Hillyard

Satish Babu

Rinalia Abdul Rahim


Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro

27 May 2013

Fouad Bajwa self  


Satish Babu was selected by consensus as ALAC voting delegate to the NomCom from APRALO. 




  1. Hi Everyone

    As requested I would like to introduce myself to any ALSes who were unable to be part of the APRALO showcase in Beijing. I really enjoyed meeting with the APRALO team who attended ICANN 46, and I hope the Showcase and other APRALO sessions I attended gave you an idea of my commitment to my involvement in ICANN. I received my first ICANN Fellowship to attend Cartagena in 2010. When we were asked to choose an area which we might like to learn more about, I took myself to the closest session which was in the conference room next door to the Fellowship Lounge. I sat through a session where there was a change of Chairmanship and a discussion which included so many acronyms that conversations sounded like a foreign language for which there was no translation service. This was my introduction to the ALAC, and the session provided a whole host of questions for our next Fellowship gathering.  In my report following the Cartagena meeting, I recorded the questions that I asked myself before, during and after that event (and which I still ask myself sometimes)..

    So, why do I now want to stand for the ALAC? My role in PICISOC (Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society) and CIIAG (the Cook Islands Internet Action Group) has been initially as a facilitator - engaging people with ICANN and focusing on "How can we improve the voice of the Pacific in ICANN?". On the ALAC I see this more as "How can we improve the voice of all ALSes?"  I would like to be a part of that team that interested me enough to want to learn more about ICANN, and to be able to personally contribute my own efforts to the work of the ALAC within the ICANN organisation.

    Although ICANN and PICISOC and their activities take up a lot of my "spare" time, I also have a day job and other local NGO roles.

    Academic Qualifications (NZ):

    Master of Management; Post-graduate Diploma of Business and Administration; Bachelor of Business; Advanced Certificate of Teaching.

    Work Experience:

    • University of the South Pacific (current) –  eLearning Coordinator for students in the outer islands. Subjects – Foundation courses in Computing, Management and English. Part-time tutor since 2011.
    • New Zealand Government in the Cook Islands – New Zealand High Commission – Development Projects Coordinator (2011-2012); NZAid, Distance Learning Advisor, Ministry of Education Cook Islands (2004-2007)
    • Cook Islands Government – eGovernment Project Manager (Office of the Prime Minister, 2008-2009); POPs (Dangerous chemicals) Project Manager (National Environment Service); Cook Islands Solid Waste Management Committee (Secretary, current); English Teacher, Tereora College (1977-1978)
    • NZ – Regional Representative, The Correspondence School (Auckland Office, 1989-2003); Deputy Principal (1988); Director - South Auckland Teachers’ Centre (1985-1987), Syndicate Leader (1979-1985); Classroom Teacher (1972-1976)

    Community Involvement:

    • Cook Islands UNESCO Commissioner for Information and Communication (2013-2015)
    • PICISOC – Board Chair (2012-2013), Board Vice Chair (2010-2011), Chapter member (since 2006); Diplo Fellowship to IGF Hyderabad, India (2008); ISOC Ambassador to IGF Sharm El Sheikh (2009). Currently standing for ISOC Board of Trustees. PICISOC is an ALS of ICANN
    • ICANN – Fellowships to Cartagena. Colombia (2010), San Jose, Costa Rica (2012); Sponsored attendance to Toronto, Canada (2012) and Beijing, China (2013); ALAC WGs  – Rules of Procedure, MADT; ccNSO WGs – FOIWG, Study group on UNESCO names of countries and territories; APRALO WG – preparation for Beijing; CIIAG is an ALS of ICANN.
    • Cook Islands NGOs: Cook Islands Internet Action Group (CIIAG) – founded in 2010, President.  Involved in community training, assisting with establishment of outer island telecentres, and website development; Pan Pacific South East Asia Women’s Association (PPSEAWA) – aims to develop women in technology and to encourage women in leadership roles; Rotary Club of Rarotonga (since 2004, Secretary 2008, President 2010)

    Additional information on  

  2. Thanks for this informative and impressive outline of your experince, skill sets and aspirations for what you believe you can contribute to to the very important facilitation and development of ALS activity and involvement in ICANN, as one feature of what you would contribute as an APPRALO representative to ALAC...