Date: Wednesday, 27 July 2022                           

Time: 06:00-07:00 UTC  (For the time in various time zones click here

Zoom Room: / Passcode: APRL-HTS01

*** Please note this call will be held on Zoom ONLY.***


EN: Justine Chew, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Amrita Choudhury, K Mohan Raidu, Priyatosh Jana, Abdulrahman Abotaleb

Apologies: Maureen Hilyard, Satish Babu

Staff: Gisella Gruber, Yeşim Sağlam

Call Management: Yeşim Sağlam

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Zoom Recording: EN

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1. Roll Call - Staff (2 mins)

2. Project Status Update - Justine Chew (5 mins)

  • Coverage
  • Survey Tool

3. Discussion on Survey Structure & Language - All (35 mins)

4. Discussion on Timelines - All (15 mins)

  • Getting survey ready for release
  • Survey open and closing dates
  • Result analysis and reporting

5. AOB (3 mins)

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  1. HTS Small Team members present agreed to:

    • Have weekly meetings (on Wed 06:00 UTC) to help expedite completion of survey design
    • Retain use of Googleform (+ MS Word doc or fillable pdf for potential respondents in China) for survey

    Way forward:

    • Cheryl (and Justine) will develop a draft Googleform survey to enable Small Team members to view text, design, length etc
    • Justine will prepare a 'mirror' draft survey in Googledoc format to enable Small Team members to post comments on survey text, design etc
    • Justine will also clean up the Guiding Template googledoc to clarify what is reference text which would not form part of the survey itself
    • Justine to share access to the above 3 resources for Small Team members' review

     At next week's call, Small Team to:

    • Discuss draft survey (including need for any supporting material, resources)
    • Consider timelines for survey