Date: Thursday, 21 November 2019

Time: 06:00 - 07:00 UTC (for the time in various time zones click here)

Meeting Number: AL.AP/CC.1019/1

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English Conference ID = 1638

Chinese Conference ID = 2038

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EN:  Satish Babu, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Kaili Kan, Shreedeep Rayamajhi, Aisyah Shakirah Suhaidi, Amrita Choudhury, Lianna Galstyan, Priyatosh Jana, Maureen Hilyard, Syuzan Marukhyan, Ali AlMeshal, Namrata Khetrapal, Amal Al-Saqqaf, Hanan Khatib, Jahangir Hossain, Nadira AlAraj, Pavan Budhrani, Prateek Pathak, Ahmad Alsadeh

ZH: None

Apologies: Gunela Astbrink, Justine Chew, Tomohiro Fujisaki, Suhaidi Hassan, Narine Khachatryan, Dr. Gopal, Aris Ignacio, Eranga Samararathna, Holly Raiche 

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Gisella Gruber, Yeşim Nazlar

ZH Interpreters: Jessie & Ray

Call Management: Yeşim Nazlar


1. Roll call - Staff (2 min)

2. Welcome and APRALO Membership Matters (Satish, 3 min)



Newly Certified (0)None


Pending ALAC Vote (1)#307 Internet Society Rural Development Special Interest GroupNone
Awaiting RALO Feedback (0)None


Processing Due Diligence (0)NoneNone
On Hold (3)

#299/308 China Internet Development Foundation - APRALO (Withdrawn and reapplied under new structure)

#267 Surabhi Softwares

#112 Arab Regional ISPs & DSPs Association (ARISPA) - APRALO 


3. ALAC Policy Update -  Maureen/Holly/Justine  (20 min)

Recently Ratified by the ALAC 


Public Comment for Decision 

Proposed IANA SLAs for ccTLD Creation and Transfer 
Implementation Plan for the GNSO Consensus Policy Relating to the Protection of Certain Red Cross Names  
Proposal for Future Root Zone KSK Rollovers  

Current Statements (ALAC Advice, Comment or Correspondence)


4 APRALO Updates (30 min)

  • ATLAS 3 Feedback (18 min, Satish & Community Members)
    • Shreedeep Rayamajhi
    • Jahangir Hossain
    • Nadira AlAraj
    • Hanan Khatib
  • CROP Trip to APRICOT 2020 (Ali, 3 min)
  • Staff Updates (Heidi/Silvia/Gisella, 3 min)
  • inSIG2019, India Youth IGF 2019, GFCE Triple-I Meeting Updates (Satish/Amrita, 5 min)
  • Welcome to Justine Chew (1 min)

5. NomCom Update (Amrita, 3 min)

6. AOB (5 min)

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